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  1. My kit built electric 'Boomerang' has had both nose and tail-wheel set-up in it's continuing successful flying life. Nose wheel, as always with these configurations needs, consideration and careful set-up to avoid the pitfalls of wobbly nose wheel legs and imprecise steering pushrod. Main wheel wire I replaced with a 'Carbon Copy' one piece undercarriage = no more bending! A good trainer if, IMHO, somewhat heavy so, prefer something lighter, (a foamie?), for teaching absolute raw beginners in calm conditions to start with. Otherwise reasonable kit with the usual caveats to replace sub standard clevis, spinner, ensure well glued joints etc. I still enjoy flying the 'Boomerang' as a everyday 'hack' model and testbed for motors, props and radio gear.
  2. Another thumbs up for 'hobbyrc.co.uk'. Very prompt and efficient service. Like Ken, bought my 'Radiomaster Tx' and spare Rx from them. No issues, recommended.
  3. I'm revisiting an old favourite model, built many times down the years, both as a fetchermite and also latter days, the Keil Kraft 'Senator'. It goes without saying this is a great little model and has been made by many with miniature R/C 'guidance' and electric power too. (One of mine had a Knight & Pridham KP01 motor as a free flight version). Now I'd very much like to replicate as near as possible a rubber power style BUT using an electric motor. i.e. that involves using a fairly large, similar size diameter, slow revving prop. (Pretty much all the electric powered 'rubber' models I've seen feature quite small, relative to the original, props). Looking around at available, light-weight motors, probably geared too, can't see much suitable. What ideas, suggestions can folk give please? All-Up-Weight, including Motor/Gearbox, LiPo battery & micro R/C gear needs to be close to that of a 'rubber' powered version.
  4. Here's their promo video showing it 'flying' a figure of eight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbHDrgK7Wus&t=105s Would it pass the BMFA 'A' Achievement test(?) ?
  5. Whilst acknowledging MattyB's comment, 'a quick Google can find what is needed', I find it sadly interesting to know this or that model shop is no longer around. For example, many if not most seasoned modellers, will either through their work or leisure visits, been to other parts of the UK. In my own case, if I visited Oxford, time and a little persuasion to my CEO, would always take me to 'Howes Models'. Now, thanks to the updates and map info, I can see it is sadly no longer there. Visiting a new area, at least the map suggests what might be (or might have been), the local model emporium. Thanks Michael for your efforts.
  6. Michael ... Swindon Model Centre too ... Oh dear .... they're falling like flies!
  7. Went to visit Neil at 'Spire Models', Salisbury the other day. Closed sign on the door and peering into the shop, it appears now cleared of stock. I knew opening time(s) were restricted a while back but is this another good model shop that is no longer with us?
  8. Came across this video explaining why stocks of model goods are delayed. Yes, I appreciate it is dealing with the USA but gives an idea of what issues distributors & dealers are facing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIMtYnT6QKM
  9. As per title of post: I have just obtained a 'Nano Stik' RTF WW1 indoor model - Which 2.4 GHz Protocol will it use to bind with Radiomaster TX16S Open Tx? (Yes, I could try them all in turn until one successfully binds or not, but perhaps someone has already done this, if so why re-invent the wheel etc. ... ) Great little model for indoor, was flying it last night at our monthly meet using the supplied Tx. Are these still available or like many a RTF, once the batch is gone, it's gone? Thanks.
  10. I made mine into one of the (few) FW190S (Schulflugzeug) twin-seat trainers. Flew, just about, on a SPEED 400 direct drive and 7 Red Sanyo back in the day! (No tail insignia as I took the model to fly at the Aspach model meet in Germany). U/C and three-blade prop is for static display. Lovely model/kit, wish they were economic to produce for us now.
  11. Very poor editing though. The plane was seen landing, a shot of an upturned plane with the instructor walking to retrieve .... cut to then taxying back. Usual TV stuff I suppose .....
  12. In the process of restoring an old Keil-Kraft 'Super 60'. The Dural, (or is it just aluminium?), formed undercarriage, complete with wire stiffner, has severely oxidised and has other ingrained dirt, marks, old fuel residue etc. I've been over it several times with Duraglit and lots of 'elbow grease'; it's still a bit meh, could be better. Anyone any other magic cleaner suggestions to restore the bright shine and lustre of the fresh out of the kit box condition?
  13. You can also go to the BMFA web site, then click on the top menu bar, select 'Downloads', then select 'RC Achievement Scheme Downloads' and then .... finally .... 'A Flying Start'. This downloadable PDF guide, (which is revised, updated with latest info and issued annually), may assist the newcomer to model flying. It describes the various aspects of model flying including, models, radio gear, flying sites and flying itself. Even 'ex-spurts' may learn a thing or two! https://achievements.bmfa.uk/
  14. The 'Extra' flew well yesterday evening with the Spektrum DX6i, so I proved the Rx and servos were all good and not the culprits. Today I scanned the 'Extra' model memory I'd set up in the TX16S for any obvious deviation; nothing jumped out at me. (Yes, MattyB it is an old model, don't think Horizon have had it in their product line for quite a while now). So I duplicated an existing, fully working TX16S, indoor model. The acid test, I activated the bind function on the TX16S with the 'Extra' indoor Rx flashing red in bind mode. Voila! Success the TX16S bound perfectly to the 'Extra'. I cannot fathom what may have been the issue with the original 'Extra' model memory which I have now deleted. Maybe a line of code(?) or some other element of the IT didn't quite register during set-up(?) All satisfactorily working now. Thanks for the replies.
  15. Hi Denis, Yes, I appreciate that as I originally operated the model using a Spektrum DX6i. I tried the Spektrum again and all worked fine, in fact I'm flying indoor with it this evening. So, why doesn't the TX16S want to play ball when all similar Horizon/e-Flite indoor models operate fine with it? Have I inadvertently selected/deselected a setting in the TX16S model menu?
  16. Have been consolidating indoor models onto my Radiomaster TX16S e.g. 'Night Vapor', '4-Site Bipe' and, an e-Flite Extra 3D. ALL bar the 'Extra' have bound no-problem but the Extra refuses to co-operate! (Using DSM 21F on all others without issue). Have tried different DSM protocols, different model numbers (of course!) and ensuring the Tx is not swamping the Rx. The Rx flashes away in bind mode and occasionally goes solid but no further i.e. no servo twitch when connected and checking the Tx monitor suggests no output??? All other models indoor & outdoor work fine on various protocols FrSky, Spektrum, Orange & MPX. Any thoughts? What can I try next?
  17. Popped into my local newsagents late this afternoon. Railway magazines - (Hobby & Full-Size) in plentiful number stretched the whole of the lengthy back wall. Model aircraft - a couple of plastic kit mags e.g. Airfix & Scale International but no sign of any RCM&E, Aeromodeller, Flying Scale Models etc. Let's hope they are so popular they all sold out, sadly I somehow doubt that is the case. Hornby Episode 1 - Yes, agree very enthusiastic folk 'behind the scenes' AND the lady proprietor in a model railway shop too. Looking forward to episode 2 next week when Airfix gets the spotlight.
  18. My experience with all Max Thrust models, (Riot - both Foam & Balsa versions & Ruckus Foam & Balsa too); the clevis are just about adequate. I routinely change out for ball clevis types. If they are good enough for the demands of helicopters and all their stresses and vibrations, then a Riot should have no problem. Also, I found their inner metal control rods were quite stiff in their respective outer tubes. (I measured the current draw operating a servo, it was quite high and even a reasonably good quality servo i.e. 'HiTec', were merrily buzzing away as the rod linkage was sticking/not returning to start point in the outer tube run! A quick rub over of the inner rods with 'Duraglit' metal polish then 'Pledge' silicon polish applied. Ah ... silky smooth operation, no stalled servo or high current load on operation = accurate and precise control surface resolution Incidentally, these kits are made by VQ, well that's what the outer shipping cartons state!
  19. A heads up for those of us with memories of a great British 'toy' company. 'Hornby' - on the 'Yesterday' TV channel, starts 9pm Monday 11th October. Trailer snippets show Hornby, Airfix & Scalextric. Fingers crossed it's a worthwhile series and not too much a TV producers 'artistic' impression!
  20. John, Thank you, you're a star. Still think the method / manual is very convoluted for what should be a simple drop down selection. Are manuals ever 'road tested' on a variety of end users(?). We're not all IT or PC wizards etc.! Yes, ink tanks are the way to go instead of cartridges, (even the cheaper non-manufacturer varieties). Meanwhile, I'm writing my own 'Janet & John' Plain English instructions for next time I want to print a booklet.
  21. A long shot perhaps, but does anyone know if an Epson ET3700 printer is capable of printing 'A5' size booklets using regular A4 paper? ALL my previous printers of other make e.g. Canon, had a drop down, selectable option for 'booklet printing'. For example printing any of the BMFA guides such as 'A Flying Start' could easily be achieved. Standard A4 sheets being printed with A5 size text on each half of the A4 sheet AND double sided AND in such order that when collated & folded formed a A5 booklet. Sadly, Epson online web pages and help were as much use as a 'chocolate teapot' !
  22. Ashley, My club mate has a 'Tractive' GPS tracker for use with tracking his wayward whippet dog. See link for details: https://tractive.com/en/ He gets 3 days 1 hour dog-walks out of the unit attached to the dog. It does require a subscription though. Also of note: You can set up a virtual ringed zone e.g. your flying field (or home garden in case of a pet!). If the plane/pet goes outside that area you receive an alert. Feedback on your phone is slightly delayed, (appox.2-3secs). Like others have mentioned, in most out of sight/off flying field unscheduled arrivals, the flight pack is often ejected and disconnects with the Rx and power is lost. Using miniature 'Lost Model Alarms' which come with their own mini LiPo, (this is charged when plugged into a spare Rx socket), is a cheap and very worthwhile investment I always use. Example: ViFly Finder V2 https://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/product/vifly-finder-v2-lost-model-buzzer-alarm/
  23. Whilst not in a model, a club mate has one on his whippet dog's collar who, as you may well imagine, can run away very quickly into the woods etc. By all accounts, seems to work extremely well at tracking him, (the dog!), down and showing the dogs track visually on the phone display. Will try and ascertain which device he uses and how long its batteries last, range, cost etc.
  24. Also ... At time of writing ONLY 552 views of this announcement, (and possible viewing of the new document?), out of the whole total BMFA membership had been made on the BMFA News page itself.
  25. Incidentally, if you are interested the previous CAA Publication: 'CAP658 Model Aircraft A Guide To Safe Flying' was withdrawn in January 2021. (Source CAA Publications)
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