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  1. Jon ignore the comments from the empty vessels, the majority have always valued your help and advise🏅👍
  2. my normal construction model on this forum, please carry on posting, refer you to Johns statement👍
  3. which part is the first picture ? the end is in sight after years of toil🤩
  4. Dirk you are giving a master class in scale modelling 👏 thankyou for allowing us all to follow🏅
  5. Quintessential Hawker looks right will fly right😍
  6. alan p


    Look on VORTEX site you might find one to suit.
  7. spray booth!!!😮Wish my man cave was that big🤩
  8. Being able to sympathise with Jon, having been there suffered that. It is always those willing to help and support others that end up carrying the load . He has always been exemplary in help and advise which he was not under any obligation to give. Go forward and do that which will give you satisfaction and enjoyment, enjoy life not suffer it. Best wishes for the future.
  9. Hi Bas Here are some photo's. Hardwood block let into tail too take screws.
  10. Basil the dowel will pivot off centre , I had to releave the fusalage longeron in order to get clearence and travel. As you say not the best engineered solution.
  11. Funny how producing shavings is very therapeutic 😊
  12. In my 162 12" jetex scaled up for 50mm fan I used the cockpit canopy as a battery hatch, a tonged at the front, small magnet a back to secure . Takes a 3s.
  13. Computers as they say Bull Droppings in Bull Droppings out 🙄
  14. Don't forget Miss Shilling's orifice, The lady resolved the negative g problem with the carburettor cutting in a bunt manouver👍
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