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  1. Seeing as your motor mounts are integrated as part of the airframe (assuming beech rails)surprised there is that much torsional vibration. Do like David's solution though. Stick with it you will get there in the end. Still think you will need a food parcel sent to the flight line to keep you going with the 6oz tank.
  2. HI Danny Would some rubber grommets or flat rubber sheet between the mounting struts and the airframe help dampen any movement?
  3. need to check those bearings as well! unless its the light they look less than prime.
  4. I made a post in an earlier topic 2/3 weeks ago using the voucher code in RCM&E, like yourself code rejected as not available. They are hoping you will continue regardless. Very poor service.
  5. Sharp HHS parting off tool should be fine, its the lubricant to prevent the cooper cold welding to the tooling and drill you need to check on. Been a long time since I m/c'd copper so memory is not so good, should think suds or oil base should do it.
  6. Thankyou Kevin unfortunately mag dates predate plan date of 2006
  7. Has anyone any build info on the above EDF plan dated Oct/Nov 2006 by Jet International. Found pictorial guide on RC forms but still a guessing game, written word tends to provide more guidance. Thanks in anticipation.
  8. This months mag offers Discount using the published code, with exceptions on which publications it may be used on. Website says code invalid on valid purchases. Does this show the way things will go with RCM&E?? I wonder
  9. My pockets aren't deep enough but that do look nice
  10. Had a problem with one item from 4 Max, contacted George and it was replaced within 24hrs. You couldn't get better service Brilliant
  11. Been using Sadolin PV7 varnish on last 2 models, Satin finish 2K brushed on . Went on over Guild and Humbrol enamels. Dry in 15 minutes or less depending on temp and so far ok. Left to cure for a couple of weeks and been runnning in a couple of 2st in model no ill effects so far with fuel residue.
  12. Hope they are going to use TCAS otherwise it will be carnage.
  13. Been watching from the start, been a long road
  14. If True this is very sad, condolences to his family. Regards the mag I think Alex was the mag, not many pages without him in one form or other.
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