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  1. I read Piers talking about flaps. Differntial aileron: no washout, ARTF: 68 inch chipmonk, weighs 8lbs.
  2. Question for the experts. Got a Chipmunk 68 inch span that tip stalls at the merest suggestion of landing. Would flaps help ?? Maurice
  3. I am getting cheesed off now. Live on the Isle of Wight and running a model club, I take virtually every chance I can to fly; fixed wing anything. We've had constant rain and cannot access our field, I have flown ONCE since the 7th of October 2023....... I know lots in the same boat, but its not funny anymore...... Maury
  4. Jon I have a defunct ASP. 65 head; i believe its the same size as a 70 ?. Any good to you let me know. Maury
  5. Jon is right. Lower nitro, and close that air bleed. 10% nitro MAX. Maury
  6. They were indeed the best times. So excited the night before Sandown I couldn't sleep the night before.
  7. I have a second hand 49 inch span Salamander, or VolksJager. It was originally brushed/NiCad technology, but I want to convert it to Brushless. The motor sits in the middle of the duct; 70mm fan. the efflux is 62mm. My questions are; do I mount the new brushless in the same place, and put the inlet tube back, or do I do away with the inlet tube and mount the new fan at the front inlet and make a new longer efflux duct; and if so, what exit size of efflux ??. Looking for about the same size fan i.e. 70mm on 3 or 4s. Regards
  8. A man after my own heart. 35 megs is as clean as a whistle. 1976 Horizon, 1977 Skyleader (bless) then 1988 Futabas FF6 and 9. Now 14SG, which is the club fliers dogs doo dahs......
  9. Thanks Jon, you have reinforced my own theory. Thank you..
  10. I'm hoping to go to next year's all scale weekend,hopefully. Hope my little Flair SE5 doesn't feel bullied and overshadow by these awesome monsters...... Maurice
  11. Yep, all these tips and tricks sound plausible and help, I expect. The one hint,tips or any other thing people cannot teach is this;Practice, practice and probably more practice........
  12. Very nice work. Waiting for the ' this is how I covered the underside ' bit. I have a Sarik kit of parts for the Dennis Bryant 53" inch span SE. But unsure of how to cover undercamber. Either be Oratex or good old door and nylon.
  13. I have the kit im starting now. I recently searched on the forum and came across a YouTube video where the builder had separated the fuse and had the front half all connected up. Then the second half of the fuse with servos connected was bolted to the front half. Quite an ingenious fix, but I can't find the video. Anybody ?? Maury.
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