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  1. Although not strictly modelling ( but now integral part): I keep paying an annual fee of £80 to Microsft for the above. Windows 10. Is that what most people do or is there an alternative ?? Maurice
  2. Could somebody tell me the name of the white foam board, I have some about 3mm thick but forgot the name Driving me nuts.......
  3. Thanks all. Jon, the weight is as qouted.not what I'm aiming at.
  4. Hi all. Building one from Sarik plan and semi kit. Original was powered by a Merco 61 two stroke. I want to use a four stroke but what size ??. I have O.S. 56, 52 and 70 surpass engines. Which do people reckon. Model is allegedly about 7 to 9 pounds weight. ?? Maury
  5. Brian; please suggest an alternative, reasonable servo. I like the Hitec standard ball raced ? Maury
  6. I know what will happen when I post this; how do you charge batteries. Whats the best LIPO. How much oil in engines. What's the best radio etc etc, Hair shirt time. I plug mine into the wall charger that came with my Futaba 14SG. 8 hours minimum. There. Go on then. Beat me this old Dinosaur black and blue...........
  7. Paul Been running 2 and 4 strokes on that fuel for twenty years; from Enya 0.19s to OS 120s; never, repeat never, had a problem. Maury
  8. Talking of the Maricardo: not built one, but with mid wing, where do the wing bolts fit through ??. Maury
  9. Interesting, I used to race Karts back in my yooff. great times Peter. Oh, and I enjoy your You tube channel too . Maury
  10. Anybody know why/ how poor Alex passed ?. Hope to God there was no pain or anything horrible.
  11. Thanks Brian. It's not rumbling, it's more like a sink plunger being used.(aggressively) !!!
  12. That's a lovely model Sir. Kit, plan or ??
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