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  1. After breaking the undercarriage plate on my Ruckus I replaced it with birch ply and larger plastic bolts. Now the plastic bolts will snap and the undercarriage breakaway rather than ripping taking out the ply plate. I also have a couple of BMFA circular stickers covering up the ripped covering where the spats punched through the first time I broke the undercarriage!
  2. Another Wot4 recommendation . I moved on from a Riot to an ARTF Wot4 and it's definitely a step up. It's heavier and more slippery and less forgiving than a foam Riot. I've also flown a couple of acrowots and prefer the Wot4 as an every day acrobatic hack.
  3. I'm in the process of converting an early ARTF Acrowot to electric. Unfortunately the conversion pack seems to be unavailable... Done suppose anyone has dimensions/tracings of the bits that make up the battery tray?
  4. Graham my goto receiver is the Frsky RX6R. 6 channels and approx £25. Mine are a mixture of V1 and V2 firmware with the intention of moving eventually to the UNI firmware.
  5. Hi @tiny-jamesI returned to flying rc planes after a long break and have a foam Riot, Balsa Wot4, Balsa Ruckus etc. For your next model I would definitely go with a Riot. Its far cheaper than a wood wot4 and a lot more forgiving. 3s 2200 batteries are cheaper as well (don't bother with 4s). The Riot is quite aerobatic, inverted flight, snap rolls, bunts, blenders etc etc and as the investment is less you are probably going to push it more and learn more. I've crashed mine a few times and it's pretty easy to glue back together. Similar crashes would have totalled a balsa wot4...
  6. Pro built Ruckus? "Max Thrust Pro-Built Balsa Ruckus Kit Uncovered - IC or Elec" https://www.centuryuk.com/RC-Planes/All-Planes/Balsa-Pro-Build-Series/20204-/Max-Thrust-Pro-Built-Balsa-Ruckus-Kit-Uncovered-IC-or-Elec
  7. 3 flights this lunchtime with the Ruckus. About 27c but windier than forecast. Runway is starting to took scorched already
  8. I would also suggest a Wot4. I returned to the hobby after a long layoff and started off with a Riot and then moved onto an ARTF Wot4 after about a year on the Riot. The Wot4 is more challenging to fly than a foamy and capable of everything needed for the b test.
  9. A large capacity card will allow you to enable telemetry logging for all models. This can be useful for debugging the cause of radio problems (you can see rssi and stick values etc for the flight). I use my arm switch to turn on logging and have it log every 0.5 seconds.
  10. Hi Mitchel Had all sorts of problems accessing the site. Tried again today randomly and I can log in at last... I kept the motor and used it to convert an old kit built acrowot. It turned out all right in the end. It's also pretty robust as the last flight resulter in it hitting the deck after a random spin soon after taking off. I had to pull the motor and mount and firewall out of the ground. Amazingly it was undamaged! I also bought one of those 4250 motors from eBay you mentioned. That's worked out fine too and is used to power a pro built Ruckus. Only complaint is it's a bit noisy but I suspect that's probably the same for the 'genuine' Ripmax quantum 40's as well...
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