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A place for Pushy Cat builders to hang out


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This year I'm building in the mass build!

So... I thought I'd start a thread for those of us building a Pushy Cat to hang out.

I've build two pushy cats in the past. One for me, and one for a friend... but only with a squint at a plan. [Its actually quite simple]

On Saturday night when the decision was made that all of the top five would be part of the mass build, I decided to have a quick peek on ebay... and what did I find? The origional edition of Q&EFI complete with the plan, so I hit 'Buy it now' so the plan should be winging its way to me even as I type.

I plan to use the same motor as I used on my previous Pushy Cat [sadly no more] a 2826 2200Kv with a 6X4 prop and 30 or 40 A ESC. I've also got a couple of 9g sized metal gear servos ready to go.... and I'll use a 2200Mah 3 cell.


When my plan arrives, I'll have a crack at making a wood list.

Anyone planning any variations? An enlargement? An EDF variation?

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For those itching to get their hands on a plan, there is a looooong thread over in "another place" that is well worth reading through.

A few reflections on my Pushy Cat experience. As I mentioned before, My first was built having had the chance to peruse a plan and having a few critical dimensions. The build is not complicated and would be an ideal first go at balsa bashing.

In terms of flying, I found that although the PC is fast, and could be very fast indeed, it has only one vice which I will come to in a bit. Otherwise, the stall is a non event, and the plane is very easy to fly as long as you can cope with the speed.

In flight, it cuts though the wind like nothing else I have ever flown and is very stable even when it is quite gusty. It is the ideal model to sling in the boot for a trip to the field when the weather is a little iffy. I really enjoyed flying mine.

The one vice is a tendency to torque roll quite severely on takeoff. The solution is to be ready for it, and don't launch at full power. Half throttle is sufficient.

I'm planning to build a standard-ish cat first, but I might go for the 'a bit less balsa in the wing' version which you can see in one of the pictures here.

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Hmm, I really must rebuild mine (again)...

After flying one belonging to one of our club-members I decided to build one myself. I ordered the magazine and (free) plan from Traplet on the basis that it was about half the price of the plan without the mag! Before starting the build I asked the owner of the one I'd flown if he had any hints or tips on the build. "Sure," he said. "Don't build one.... Buy mine instead!" (He was about to move house and was down-sizing his fleet in readiness for the move.) And so I found myself the owner of a Pushy Cat. And a nice little plane it was too, until I mid-aired it on its tenth flight.crying 2

So I got to use the plan after all. The new one incorporated the hand-launch grip, the canopy and the motor-mount bulkhead from the original - these being the only bits that had survived the two impacts!

It was about the seventh flight that I discovered that the wing-joint wasn't quite as good as it could should have been. Pulling out of a fast dive probably wasn't the best time to discover this, and the wreckage has been sitting in the corner of the room ever since. Maybe this thread will spur me into action and get it back in the air!

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Sounds like a common theme, having a couple to finish first. I've ordered the plan, I've got a selection of 150-200W motors and 30A escs, receivers, servos to choose from and a box full of leftover film so I'm halfway there. When the plan arrives I'll order the balsa then forget all about it for a month or two.

The Jabberwock might not have made the final cut but it will still be the next job to hit my building board once the Mustfire wings are out of the way.

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Rather than a new build, its a finish and rehash of a part complete plane, looks more finished than it actually is!!!

1: Fit the servos

2: Go buy an RX

3. Repair and rework ailerons (they have siezed!

4. Repair Hanger Damage and Recover underside

5. Fit the Gyro I bought years ago, as an insurance against Torque Roll (a bit of an experiment)

6. General Tidy Up

With luck I might get this finished

dsc_0895 (medium).jpg

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This is getting more and more interesting. I might get moving on it a bit quicker than I intended. This torque roll thing is interesting. My Tucano is ridiculously overpowered, up to 670 watts, but doesn't show any sign of it. I reckon that with the Pushy Cat it could be very high spiral slipstream effect caused by the tight enclosure of the prop rotation area within the area of the tail booms and the fins rather than purely a torque reaction. Then again, I'm an aerodynamic dimwit. Regardless lf which it is, I'm certainly listening to the need to allow for it. Also interested in the scope for a bigger one, but we'll see!

Thanks to everyone for their contributions so far, it's clearly going to be more exciting than a boring stodgy old f- - - s Barnstormer build! (Sorry guys, I'm only joking).

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That motor looks ideal, no idea how mine will work, buts is an 1800KV 50gmish outrunner, heritage has been lost in time, but i seem to remember pumping out 180 - 190 watts in testing on a 3s and I seem to remember the AUW around 18oz, so power to weight should not be an issue, won't be a sceamer like some though!!

As for torque roll, the lack of any prop wash over the flying surfaces and fin may have something to do with it on pushers

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Richard, its well worth a read through the thread at the 'other place' You will find some ideas there I am sure for 100mph+ setups...

If you are going down that route, add a spar!

I came up with these ideas for the one I built for a friend.... can't confirm them as its not flown yet... but

1] The sensible option with plenty of power for 3 cells

This motor from HK looks to be the same as the one I used - and would be ideal on a 6x4/ 30A ESC - but it looks like some people are pushing it to a 7x4 prop. That combination is about 300w

2] The a bit bonkers option… which might work better with 4 cells

I reckon this [ & don't forget the accessory pack: ]

3] The very bonkers option that costs more money, and which would be fun until the wings came off! It should deliver well over 400w

As I said, these were just ideas I had for finding a bit more speed. I'm sure there are plenty of other options.

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Thanks for the infothumbs up, my plan arrive yesterday and included is the original build instructions from the magazine. I have had a good scan over it and I can see why it is popular, cheap and what looks like good fun to fly.

Not wanting to cutting my plan I will draw up the formers etc so I can print them as templates. If anyone is interested in them when I am done I can add them online so they can be downloaded?


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Hi Richard sounds good.

I'm stuck now! As i mentioned before, I was delighted to find a copy of the Q&EFI magazine and plan on ebay. You can imagine how frustrated I was when it arrived, and the the plan was not in the magazine.

The vendor has promised to try and sort it out....but I've not heard back from him yet.

The good news is that my current project will get finished before I start a pushycat. But on the other hand, I was hoping to be able to put a list of bits together to help prospective builders.

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Graham, I bought the back-issue (with plan) from Traplet a year or two ago - they still had them in stock. You won't find them on their website though, or at least the back-issue listings didn't go back that far at the time.

I don't think I paid more than about five or six pounds including postage. As I recall the plan by itself was rather more expensive - the postage alone was about a tenner

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Thanks guys... I'm waiting for the vendor to get back to me... as the listing explicitly said that the plan was with the magazine, I'm hoping that its just that its ben separated. If not I'll give traplet a ring.

Serves me right for being a bit of a cheapskate! I thought I had a bargain at £5.99!

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Looks like they've sorted out a cheaper shipping method since I last looked - only £3.50 in the UK now. thumbs up

But It looks like they only list back-issues for the past 3 years on the website - but give them a call, they certainly used to have many more that weren't on the site. The issue with the plan and article was January 2005.

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