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RN Hawker Sea Hurricane IIc

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The cockpit has been mildly detailed with a photo print console and a stand of scale gun sight made from lite-ply and plastic. The pilot was added and tonight the canopy was cleaned and glued down with 'Formula 560' canopy glue - went on well I think - time will tell.

cockpit detail 2.jpg

The wing L/E light housings received some paint ready for the covers to be applied prior to the wing being top primed. I need to find some thin acetate urgently!

BTW if anyone would like a copy of the console file please email me and I can send in .ppt format at the right scale.

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The wing L/E light covers were cut from an uneaten Thornton's Easter egg packet and fitted to the wing - they haven't come out flush with the skins as intended as I needed more area to glue with not pre-forming them - but they will have to do!

A number of the magnetic attachments have been detail painted whilst waiting for other jobs to dry - cannons, aerial, exhausts, tailwheel etc...

tail wheel.jpg

The canopy was masked carefully and with that complete the fus and wing received a healthy coat of final primer.

canopy mask.jpg

final primer.jpg

Almost ready for final colour - just a gentle light sanding needed in the morning and we should be away with the airbrush... I'd better get the compressor ready for action!

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Been painting on and off all day, all the underside 'RAF Sky' is now applied, the wing took a lot of masking with the white wheel covers and the sized areas left for the D-Day stripes - to be added in the morning.

paint 2.jpg

paint 3.jpg

I've also hinged and actuated the elevators and tailplane… I must admit to noticing that all the separate parts are feeling much heavier than they did before I started slapping the paint on!

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An early start and a good mornings focused work saw 4 more colours shot before lunch... other than a few touch ups and the weathering all the airbrush work is now complete.

paint detail 1.jpg

paint detail 2.jpg

I couldn't resist adding a couple of decals once the paint had hardened in the sunshine!

paint detail 3.jpg

Fus got its camo nose spine too - Green and Grey masked with the 3M foam tape which gives a nice soft feathered edge...

paint detail 4.jpg

paint detail 5.jpg

State of play as of tonight. I need to fit the tailplane and fin and then its the detailing/weathering job before its all sealed with a clear lacquer. The matt white paint is awful for picking up dirt from the desk or your hands, so I can't wait to get the satin lacquer on to be honest!

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Thanks Harry, yes we are getting there...

It was a glorious morning here in Derbyshire so I set up and got the tailplane glued on square to the wing in the garden before I commuted to work. I had to fettle the wing a little at the front and rear before it 'sat' in the fuselage correctly without scuffing - the thickness of glass/primer/paint adding to what was a nice fit in bare wood!

tail 1.jpg

...with everything square and aligned it was glued and clamped using 20min epoxy to give me sufficient 'wiggle' time!

tail 2.jpg

Then after work I added the fin square to the tail, just the fillets to add at the base - but again, like the wing - they are now too big and need a little reshaping to accommodate the glass and paint!

tail 3.jpg

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The model is finally finished and ready for the event this weekend - just one day ahead of travel! It seemed to take an age to get the model from basic paint to finish, with all the little fiddly finishing jobs left to do even after the painting and weathering was complete!

The model has an AUW of 4lb 3 oz balanced at 70mm as per the plan. A little porky - I was hoping to beat 4lb - but she will be fine at that no probs. I had to add 12 oz of lead in the nose which is mounted on a 10mm steel bolt so there must be close to14 oz of ballast in there in total - all ahead of F1. Too much glass and paint at the back I guess...

As has become tradition, Harry wanted to model the new PSSA Mass Build subject this morning before school...

finished 1 forum.jpg

finished 2 forum.jpg

I've not programmed my Tx yet beyond the basic throws - I'll add a good amount of expo on the elevator and programme in some spoileron today - this has proven to work well on the Sea Fury, which I'm guessing will have a similar flight characteristic to its new Hawker stablemate..

finished 3 forum.jpg

The forecast looks favourable for us this weekend so I'm confident the Hurricane will get flown - Ill add a flight report next week to close out this build blog properly.

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So the Mass Build event has come and gone and despite some wet weather each morning we all had a blast! - 35mph SW winds working well both afternoons right upto sunset!

On the Sunday once all the photos were taken and the static judging complete all 21 of the Hurricanes on site were successfully flown - only two of the models had flown prior to the event so that's 19 maiden flights!

I had 4 flights in total - all in the epic lift produced by the SW slope in these sort of conditions. The model handled the rotor well and penetrated smoothly from launch each time, amazingly it seemed to require no trim adjustments whatsoever - not in pitch or roll - I was very happy! But this seemed to be the norm for the type - everyone was getting away smoothly and without any alterations appearing to be necessary - testament to the design I think!

The model at 4lb 3oz has plenty of energy and in flight this generates a smooth, rock steady feel. The controls all felt nicely balanced with the throws set to the lower end of the plan recommendations - really no need for any more - and on top of that I had added -35% expo on the elevator and -25% on the ailerons, just to keep it gentle around the centres.

In the conditions an into-wind stall was almost impossible to achieve, when forced it did drop the left wing each time but it was very easy to see it coming and it was a mushy, soft event when it happened. Perhaps the stall test will be better performed on a day with half the lift. Rolls were lovely and axial if needed, not very Hurricane like but it 4-pointed and inverted very nicely too. Loops (in the conditions) were as big as you like, almost jet like(!) and it tracked true over the top.

Throughout the flight I kept thinking just how similar to fly she was to the slightly bigger Hawker Sea Fury I still own and have been flying for 14 seasons - so the Hurricane felt very familiar!

On landing she covered a huge amount of ground with the speed in the downwind and base leg, the airspeed did bleed off a little into the headwind on finals but she still arrived at a rate of knots and on 3 of my 4 landings she came to a very abrupt stop as the glued on radiator 'dug in' to the long grass. After 4 landings I had lost 2 of the 4 magnetic cannons in the grass and the little chin mounted radiator had also been cleanly sheared off along its glued joint. So some more thinking needed regarding the retention of the scale 'trinkets'... and I must dial in a spoileron mix to see if I can bleed off a bit more of the approach speed - on a day with less wind I think she might be a handful to slow up (again - just like my Sea Fury)

All in all a great series of flights, I'm over the moon with it and Im sure it will be regularly flown going forwards. I didn't get any flying shots of my model on my camera but here is a shot of mine (7N) with sister ship 7K owned and flown on the day by Steve Kemp.

finished model pair.jpg

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Congratulations Phil, and to all the others on their maiden flights. And also to Matt for inspiring such a successful mass build. And there’s a good few of us laggards still to reach the finishing line too, so we’re not done yet.

Was there a general consensus on the radiator, i.e. fixed or knock-off? My inclination is to fix it firmly in place on the basis that it could easily hit the tail if one goes the knock-off route.


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Thanks Trevor. Looking at the models on Sunday I would say the majority of them had the main wing radiator glued firm to the wing underside. This is what I did too and it survived the landings (no impact damage) but as reported I think it's square face is the main contributor to the sudden stop as it catches in the tufty grass.

At least if its glued on firm you can use it to aid launching too which I think is an advantage, but I'm not convinced which is the better solution overall...I know Matt as the designer was keen for it to be removable and I can tell you it hasn't damaged his tail at all in the 5 or 6 landings I've seen him perform to date.

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All minor repairs and tweaks are now made following our first outing - I've programmed in the spoilerons with a little down elevator compensation and reattached the chin rad which was knocked off. The cannons are now fixed with a black elastic from the wife's sewing draw - ready for the slope again at our final event of the season 13th October!

Can't wait to get some more airtime on this one!

harry and hurricane.jpg

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