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K3736- MkI Fury-Jose L.G.

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Hi Danny.

Thanks for checking in. Good to know that S2 must be bigger.

On Covering, I`m thinking in various options. I have in stock Solartex, Oratex, 21st Century Fabric (Factory painted) and Coverlite. I`m thinking on using coverlite in the tail parts and the fuse. Pobably Solartex on the wings.

I ordered in november some Flitemetal, but my order get lost in their computer system. reordered on february, this time the partel get lost. New replacement has been sent end of april. Hope this time arrives.

José Luis

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Hi Danny.

Of course I´ll explain how to use the coverlite.

eric. That wing looks fantastic. Mine will be yellow (laugh)

This past days I`ll finished adding the missing capstrips in the wing tips. While I have the wing upside down I put two layer of 1/32 ply over the ribs, so I have the hatch for th aileron servo. THe ply is not glued to the wing. Have to develop the mounting of the servo,


Also added the leading edge strips.


Sanded the leading edge to the contour of the sheeting. Not yet finshed.


Next in the agenda hingibg the ailerons and mount the servos with the extension wires.


José Luis

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Hi Fury Fans.

No mutch progress, but good progress.

Made the holes in the ribs for the aileron servos. Used a sharpened brass tube and a piece of balsa for centering the position in each rib and a back plate for supporting the rib.

Today marked the position of the hinges and carefully slotted the fiberglass parts. Next will be fine tunning and add the leading edge.

Prior to the work on the hinges I had to add a strip ob balsa (1/16) in the leading edge for truing it, because when I glued the strips this curved in the center. Once dry this stip I put a long strip of sandpaper and trued the leading edge.



José Luis.

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Hi Fury followers.

Thanks Eric. Not so Tidy (blush)

The past week I`d been doing other things. Un fortunatelly I glued the fiberglass hings in the wing. But when I offered the ailerons these were about six mm out of the trailing edge. So with a X-Acto blade sliced over the side of each hinge to free them. It took a lot of patience. Now more or less resolved. I haven´t glued it yet. I have to figure a few things....

When assembling the three panels I broke a few things and had to reglue them.


But that wasn´t all the things that will appear. The trailing edge don`t align. I dont know what happened.


Need to recheck before solver the problemm.

I take a change of mind and looked to the servo installatios in the fuse and wing. I+m planning on using pull-pull for the rudder and elevator. The servos will be in the area of the detachable part of the fuse and the crossbar in the cockpit area.

For the ailerons I`d made a ply plate. The servo will be screwed to a pair of blocks and the plate screwed to the wing.


Well. I have a lot of things to solve for now on.


José Luis

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Me too, Danny.

After the situation on the center panel I get distracted with other things. I finished the aileron area sheeting all over, much easy that put capstrips-


Also added some ply to support and screw the covers with the servos.


So after some mental relax I went for the infamous center panel. I checked the panel againts the plan and the structure to set the angle of the wing. As you can see the ploblem is in the tail of the ribs.


As the center ribs are full, not sections the problem is in the outboard ribs. So I cut the tails free of the second spar (The top capstrip remain uncut) and reglue them with plenty of weight. This solved the problem in a 99 percent. (wink)


A this moment I glued the rails for the elevator and rudder servos.


The servos are Futaba 3150 digis.


José Luis.

Edited By Jose L. G. on 25/05/2020 09:59:29

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Hi Fellow Furymites..

A bit of progress. Not much really.

Glued the ply blocks to the aileron servo plates.....



Glued some 1/64 plywood to the front of F1, for having a hard point to sand to and fix the carbon cow.


Also glassed the center part of the fuse. Applied some peel-ply. Yesterday I Skinned this wiyh aluminium foil, removed it today because not satissfied as is was a bit shot of width.


Today replaced the shrod of the right panel as it was bad positioned.


Until next.

José Luis

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Thanks Danny.

A little more progress. I built the leading edge of the ailerons a bit diferent to Danny`s. I put a plastic tube for the wire, glued a 1/16" balsa supporting it and capped the leading-edge with balsa and sanded flush top and bottom. Later sanded the front end to fix in the wing recess.



When I began the biuld of the plane I began with the tail feathers ..... I decided to use "Robart" style hinges but didn`t manage to align the holes so I put apart and filled the holes with balsa stick. Now I dusted the parts and made new holes that linned this time. So once did I profiled the fin and rudder.

In the stab/elevator I redid the holes, put the hinges and made the elevator horn. Really a hard time (Due to my eysight problems...).


Made the channel for the wire and finish adjusting the wire. Onece satisfied I glued it with 30 minutes epoxy and microballons. Today fixed the front ply and drawed the profilling lines in the "ribs".

Prepared the cross bars for the rudder and elevator wires....


Until next.

José Luis

Edited By Jose L. G. on 09/06/2020 11:03:26

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Here we go.

All the main parts are done. So I profiled the tail parts and glued some tubing for the bolts that will fix the bracing on the tail.



Also you can see in the above pics some balsa glued around the tubes for suporting the covering. Next dust-off the parts for covering with coverlite.

Today prepared the stab for the elevator wires. Made a jig from ply offcuts with the angle of the wires and used a drill bit and fine file for finishing it.


Next CA the teflon tubes for the wires.

Also made the exit holes in the fuse for the rudder and elevator wires.


Thats all for today.


José Luis

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Hi Jose`, are you operating the elevator with a push rod as plan ? if you are I would move the servo to be accessible through the cockpit . after my first flight I had to reset mine which has the servos where yours are and had to remove the wing and all the rigging to adjust it.

Cheers Eric.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Eric. Sorry on my delay.....

I plan on using pull-pull on both rudeer and elevator. I`m going to mak a mock-up on the elevator to check....

The original have the servos in the fuel tank bay. I have to dissasemble the model for storage and transport, so not as important where I put the servos. Will Check.

Now to the build.

I have to re-do the rails for the servos because the epoxi did´nt set.

I then focused on covering the tail feathers..... I planned on using coverlite. This is a poliester cloth with no glue added. I was going to use for attaching Balsaloc, but the tub I have was a bit thick so I tried to thin it with water but not to success. So What to use?. I resorted to the Oratex propietary gle. I read the instructions in the tin. This indicates that you must check that the glues used are solvent safe. I used CA and alifatic glue. I trie to aply the glue as sparingly as posible with a brush. The resul, I get afew ribs unglued in the stab and some alifactic joints dissolved. ARG¡.

So I have to reglue the parts and weight down whilt setting the new glue.

The real covering process is as other coverings. You can apply the glue to the structure or the covering. I applied to the structure. Covered the bottom part or side part. Later applied more gle to the covering when you will attach other piece of covering.


This material is really easy to use. You fix whit very little heat in the perimeter and you can lift and strecht to remuve the wrinkles and then reatach to the wood. Next apply heat and return to the other side and cut and apply a bit of heat to the cut to seal the material.


Here I had applied a bit of glue in yhe perimeter to attach the tpp covering. Also added a bit of covering in the inside corners.


Preparing the other side of the fin.


Sorry. Out of focus, but you can see how the covering adapts to the leading edge at a low setting of temp (around 90 centigrade degrees)

And the finished products after a bit of ironing.



Until next. Stay safe.

José Luis

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As intended in The Class this is to prove yourself. I have some tissue, a bit thick, but unable to sort some dope. The dope I have has thickened, added a bit ot acetone, but not sure of its use, so rsorted to the covering. Its like paper but stronger.

If I can manage to find some local dope I`ll use it. I like the smell and pick your fingers dope. wink


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A few months ago I ordered some Flitemetal for covering the nose, But I don´t know when I will receive it.

I have to make a decision to go ahead.

This weekend I take a Litho sheet and covered the detachable part of the fuse. First the sides, next the top and the more difficult (' parts the gun channels. This was cut oversize, bend around an aluminium tube, marked and trimmed.


Glued the parts with medium CA. Once dried I buffed a bit with T-Cut.

Until next.

José Luis

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