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How to post You Tube Videos

Peter Garsden

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Having had a lot of trouble with this before, I thought i would explain how to do this. The normal way of doing it by going to You Tube and extracting the Embed Code, does NOT work as this forum does not support I Frames. This is how to do it.


  1. Go to You Tube and find your Video   
  2. Press Play
  3. Go to the Address bar at the top of the You Tube Video and copy it to your clipboard - Ctrl + C image.png.309aa30700c6f3e277e9e4da4dd656f4.png
  4. Return to your Post on this Forum and insert your cursor at the point where you want the Video to  appear.
  5. Right click and select Paste, or Ctrl + V.
  6. The Video should now appear in the way it will appear. If you just get the code of the URL you have gone wrong somewhere.
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Is there a way to control the on-screen preview size of Youtube videos?   

I tried embedding html with "<iframe width="320" height="200" ... etc>" but it just displays the code not the video.

Or maybe post a reduced version of the video thumbnail with an underlying link to the actual video?

I cant find a way to edit a post in html,  surely there must be a trick I missed 🙂  ?


Here's an example, this video looks huge but cant (?) be resized:




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