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Digital Archive August Issue

Capt Kremen

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As a digital subscriber I view my RCM&E via the Log In and have been doing so totally successfully since subscribing (and under the 'new' system too).

Suddenly, the latest (August) issue does not present itself for viewing.

I log in no problem and click on the archive but ONLY all issues up to July are showing and accessible.

I thought perhaps my log in was 'stuck' so completely logged out then logged in a fresh, no change.

My subscription is up to date and with issues to run.

I can access all the other features, (obviously the forum pages or I wouldn't be able to write this!).

Wrote to the 'Contacts' team and they've referred me back here.

Help! Please I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms for not seeing the latest fantastic issue.

Thanks in anticipation of a solution.

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Are you sure they referred you to the forum?  I'm just an amateur moderator with no connection to MTM but as far as I'm aware, the forum is effectively a stand alone add-on provided by MTM but administered separately to subscriptions and publishing.

I'll raise this with Beth, who is a member of MTM's staff but I don't understand why anyone would ask you to resolve it by posting here!  Who was it that you spoke/messaged with and what did they ask you to do?

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My digital archive is also stopping at July 2021, but I can see the August issue OK in Pocket Mags. My RCME login did have an old subscriber ID registered. I updated it to the current subscriber ID, but still I cannot see the August issue in the archive. Along with the multiple logins required to manage all this, it's not very user-friendly!!

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To reply to Martin Harris (Moderator):

Here is the link I received from 'MyMedia':


Which, at least on my PC just opens this forum.


I now see there is a yet another subscriber without access to the August RCM&E issue.



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Exactly the same problem for me no August issue.

Also been refered to forum with this link by Nichola Hawley Email Customer Services at RCM&E.


Like others I usually view my copy via my online account. Not everyone wants to use Pocket Mags

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2 hours ago, Capt Kremen said:

Ditto with me too:




Ah well .... a step closer (perhaps?)


May we assume the IT wizards are on to this issue Beth / Mods / My Media / IT Team? 

An update would be appreciated and put the ever growing number of subscribers missing their digital August RCM&E issue, minds at rest.


Beths looking into it folks.


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