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Scottish Aviation Pioneer

carlos rangel

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Any Scale Scottish Aviation Pioneers Out there?


After a few years of inactivity due extensive work traveling, I am slowly resuming the building of my Scottish Aviation Pioneer, Having completed all the design drawings, I am ready to continue the project this next year. Please be patient as I will keep you informed.. 


Happy new Year all!

5591897572_97ed716256_o (1).jpg

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  • David Ashby changed the title to Scottish Aviation Pioneer

Hello again! 
I just received more building material as finalise the challenging fuselage design, sorry, no CAD nor computerised stuff, just old fashioned pencils, rulers and such.

as I said before, due extensive traveling and work constrain the project was on hold for a long time.

I intended to build it 1/4 scale which it would have been 150 inches wingspan but at this size the Pioneer would be hard to transport and handle so I decided on 22% rather that 25%.

I find the cowling extremely small to cover the engine but that is fine if the engine head is exposed some, we will see.



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3 hours ago, Martin Harris - Moderator said:

Do you bond the aluminium or rivet some or all of the structure?  Something like Sikaflex or more traditional modelling glues?


Always amazes me the size of the Pioneer.  Looks like a traditional light aeroplane until you see a picture of it with crew in situ!

No gluing at all in the whole airplane, every skin will be riveted to the structure 

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