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Hi first time going all electric power for my model airplane,  do I need to wire in a on/off switch between battery and receiver like I did with my last conventional engine rc model. I was told by the chap in the model shop no just unplug each time not flying. Sorry if humpty question 


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No switch needed, if you're using the BEC supply from the esc.  The battery should (must?) always be removed after use for storage or recharging in any case. The only time you might need a switch is if you're powering the receiver/servos etc from a separate supply battery.

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Unplug the battery after each flight as soon as possible.

Remember unlike IC an electric motor can spring into life under some fault conditions. Further more an injury from a prop with an electric motor driving it is likely to be more serious that from IC. Some degree of obstruction may stop an IC but not an electric motor. It just keeps going!

The only safe electric motor went it has a prop on is one that is physically disconnected from its power supply.

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 I've seen some jumpers made from battery connectors, with a loop breaking the Positive. May be useful when you have a model with awkward battery install. I have a model where the battery is installed underneath and involves a bit of fiddling, refitting covers etc  with the system now live before flipping it over,  so a battery cut off might be useful. But always remove a battery when finished as previously advised.


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