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  1. With respect, you know nothing about my activities or what I fly, if anything As to checking whether the runway is clear taking less time than framing a 'photo, how far will the average model move during that time compared to a multi-rotor in a stationary hover ? So would I if I flew FPV because the rule is clear
  2. I should have made it clear that my comments related to LOS flying, not FPV However, is the spotter allowed to glance away to look for hazards, I wonder ?
  3. The Devil is in the detail If I am required to keep the aircraft in sight at all times then I can't glance at the runway to see whether it is clear for landing nor take my eyes off the aircraft to check for a potential mid air can I ? If I am allowed to do that then surely I am allowed to hover my drone and glance down at the screen of my controller to check that what I want to photograph is framed properly
  4. Not at all Flying within VLOS means that you can see the aircraft when you choose to look at it Maintaining constant visual sight means that you never look away from the aircraft. One factor that should not be overlooked is the difference between flying a conventional model aircraft which is constantly moving, compared with the ability of a drone to hover in one place with no control input required.
  5. Is the requirement that you should maintain constant LOS or that you should not fly beyond visual LOS ? They are not the same thing and, in any case when fly your 'plane do you never take your eyes of it ?
  6. Quite clear thanks Toto
  7. Toto - can you please explain exactly what you mean by a procedural turn in the context of your flights ?
  8. It is a proven fact that most bad crashes happen on the last flight of the day 😃
  9. When you say "live", where do you envisage the LCD being stationed ? With the pilot so that the readings are live in real time or on the model so that they are available to view immediately upon landing ?
  10. Do you mean Strings or strings ? The former is notorious for causing problems in the small memory footprint of AVR processors, whereas the latter keeps the use of memory under control. Having said that, more memory and a faster processor at a reasonable cost is a welcome upgrade
  11. As a matter of interest, what functionality would an ideal servo tester provide beyond cantering the output ?
  12. What happens if you change the timing back to its original setting ?
  13. Considering that he appears to have been unaware of the BVLOS regulations and ignored or disabled the max height warnings, what makes you think that he was aware of the need to register or, if he was aware, that he took any notice of it ?
  14. Word has this feature too so you can have the best of both worlds
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