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  1. no worries Graham thanks for the reply il keep following forums etc rather than pestering you or others for that matter andy
  2. build thread ??? tried several times with foam total disasters πŸ˜– andy
  3. Regarding the mossie , it’s probably the only practical & affordable way I could get/do one andy
  4. cant answer that question but i had one of your La7 loved it just looked as though it meant business which i guess was part of its appeal to me , would settle for another or any of the lavockins or yak 9s or migs for that matter andy
  5. hobby flight u s airforce insignia red spot on match if that helps
  6. Tempest please Richard , might be tempted with the 190 at a future date if any more batches were done but not critical , any others a possibility if these go well ?? cheers andy
  7. C130 hercules 72 inch span part built from foam with plans ive tried & i just cant get on with building from foam so rather than scrap it im offering it for a small fee ( make offer ) with left over sheets of foam just to try & recoup a few quid back . its not brilliant but not a total pigs ear either , sure some one can make it work , airframe plus 800mm x600mm x 3mm ( 5 sheets white b&q ) 800mm x 600mm x 8mm ( 3 sheet white b&q ) 1200mm x 500mm x 5mm xps flooring underlay ( black quite soft compared to the white 15 sheets ) all bought after watching youtube builds but as i say its not for me sorry but it would have to be from doncaster area
  8. im sure Spit 3 will be worth the hard work when done watching with interest andy
  9. watching with interest might even encourage me to get mine out the shed & try and carry on with it andy
  10. Go on then Tempest for me need another project like a hole in the head but a tempest is to err to tempting (sorry ) andy
  11. They flew great & were tough i had the Spitfire ,P47 ,P40 never really managed to kill any of them the P40 was my fav & clocked many hrs eventually sold to the guy who did Green Air Designs ?? did try a few of their kits but never really liked the all depron foam job , probably explains why i still struggle with it ,like the look of martins blue foam hellcat , all ways fancied one of jack devines kits years ago all foam covered in balsa if i remember rightly , shipping & his reputation killed that though . if you produce any i would as personal preference more foam (not to much depron thoughj ) to keep cost down especially as there are quite a few was to finish them . andy andy
  12. Tempest ,Yak 3, FW190 would be nice especially the tempest for me personally andy
  13. slight side track here but is there anywhere or any thread that goes through the process of converting a 3 view into a buildable or built model , im not thick but not the sharpest needle in the stack but would love to try andy
  14. not a lot at moment couple foamies & a warbirds replica spitfire which i love but has taken a while to get to that stage it has to be flown all the time or it can be a bit of a handful , probably my building as every bodys seem to be pussy cats ,got quite a few half done models that i must get done plus one hanger queen (chad veitch hellcat ) i built 7 dennis richardson kindly finished off for me that for several reasons i haven't wanted to fly it .
  15. they were both lovely models to witness in the air , even had a go with the nate when my mate aquired it somewere down the line andy
  16. hi jon didn't realise you were on here when you bought the spit , glad she is in good hands & will watch for any progress cheers andy
  17. i didn't realize that i always put the crosslinker in , wish id known i struggled with yellow but my airbrush set up was poor had to thin it bit too much probably nice paint though 109 i did in these paint andy
  18. any more advances on this subject ??? i tried making a B25 out of the sheet foam from b&q , fuz was ok ish but wing was a disaster so scraped it want to try another but might have to be something simpler to start with andy
  19. Hi Martin dont know if you have seen this but might be of interest andy
  20. Hi Eric sorry but have another question are the wing skins 3mm or the thicker 6mm stuff ,if 3mm have you put any ribs in or just kept with the spars cheers andy
  21. Will the B25 have retracts & any info on your power system , thinking of trying to build one myself andy
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