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  1. Some advice please, chaps (Pete Christy, perhaps?) I have a very old Morley Hughes 300 which I built after a MicroMold Lark. I flew them both but not very successfully. Neither had any sort of electronic stability assistance. I got to the stage of being able to sort of hover, move forwards, backwards and sideways but never managed a circuit. It was the orientation thing so I tried flying fixed wing to develop the "it's coming towards me" skills and got hooked. Never went back to helis until the little indoor fully stabilised jobbies came along. I now have an urge to resurrect the Morley and try again. Is it feasible to convert to electric, what sort of stabiliser/gyro do I need and where would I source such a thing? I am a bit of a model engineer so have a workshop and the ability (?) to attempt the conversion. Your thoughts would be appreciated, TIA. David
  2. Where did you source the dolly kit, Lipoman? Could do with one of those myself.
  3. Hello, Richard, I put my name in the hat but said I was happy to wait for the second batch. If a kit is still available I’ll certainly have one, please. I think you have my details but I can soon PM you if not. David Holland
  4. Morning, Gents. I have read that charging LiPos to slightly less than 4.2v per cell is good for their longevity. One of my chargers will allow a user set max voltage but my two older B6 type chargers don't have that adjustment. They do, however, have a LiLo setting which charges up to 4.1v per cell. Can I use this to charge LiPos? Looking at the B6 charger manual, all the other parameters are the same. TIA, David
  5. I’ve just read “Mosquito Men” by David Price about 627 Squadron Pathfinders. Great book about an amazing aircraft and the heroes that flew them. A 60inch, single 4s, hand launched would tick all the boxes for me. With your skill in producing great looking, great flying models, Richard, I would have thought you would have a winner on your hands. I’m definitely in.
  6. Success!! Thanks, Phillip, once I had the files in the correct folder it worked a treat. Thanks again.
  7. Still no luck, chaps. Phillip, bearing in mind that I am an old bloke with limited computer skills and I'm using an iMac, could you please talk me through your post from yesterday in words of one syllable. I have, on the sd card, an en folder in which is a system folder containing the .wav files. I am not at all sure what the root audio folder is. Do I need to put the .wav files directly into the en folder, not within the system folder? Sorry to be a pain and I really appreciate your help. David
  8. Ron has just stated my view exactly. David
  9. Sorry, chaps, still struggling. The audio files ( .wav) were downloaded from the Amber sound suite onto the SD card, on which there are four folders, audio, bitmaps, models and scripts plus a couple of documents. At the TX, from "System" and clicking "File Manager" and selecting "audio' opens up 10 language options and opening "en" gives a sounds folder and a system folder. Both folders contain the .wav files and clicking these files plays them correctly. I then ,on the Tx, select "Model" then "Special Functions" from the second page of the "Model" menu. Here I am selecting , an action - Play Track, a state - Enable, an Active Condition - my chosen switch position, and then I select file. Here I get an unpopulated dialogue box "Wav file" which just contains 3 dashes and won't allow me to open it. HEEEEELP TIA David
  10. GBG, I'm on 1.4.17EU. I'll try the link you suggest. Thanks.
  11. GBG, I'm on 1.4.17EU. I'll try the link you suggest. Thanks.
  12. This is not an April Fool!! Gents, does anyone have some expertise with Ethos? I've been an ardent fan of my Horus X10 using the FrOs operating system for years. A couple of years ago I treated myself to an X20 but could not get my head around Ethos. However, with the rubbish flying weather we have been suffering, I decided the time had come to get the new radio up and running. I have sorted most things but am struggling with getting voice alerts when a switch is moved. I have downloaded all the sound files to the SD card and they all show and play in File Manager - SD:/audio/en/sounds. If I then go to Model - Special Functions I can assign the switch, select Play Track, Enable and Condition (switch position) but when I select File the Wav file dialog box is not populated. I have fiddled with every option but cannot get the flipping thing to let me add voice alerts and frustration is setting in. Can anyone point out the error of my ways? Thanks in advance, David
  13. I would love a P47 but it would have to be a bubble canopy for me. I have thrown my hat into the ring for a Tempest and I would also go for a Sea Fury, all Allied subjects, I know. A "low fat" version without u/c, flaps, etc, would keep the weight and build time down.
  14. I had the same problem earlier but working ok now.
  15. I really think Hobbyking is missing a trick here. I have a silver/yellow one that is donkey's years old, well and truly battered and glued back together after much abuse, but it still flys a treat and is one of my favourite models. If they became available again I would buy one in a trice.
  16. Hi, Richard, Will the delta version be included on the plan. That really appeals to me. David
  17. Stop it. Everyone knows we need a mosquito!!
  18. I was told (can’t remember who) that a Ford Sierra had more computer power than the Apollo space craft!!
  19. I’m still struggling to get rid of this. Have tried rejecting and saving preferences but it still comes back every time I log onto the site. What am I doing wrong?
  20. Am I going to need to “reject all” every time I use the website from now on or is work happening in the background to get rid of the stupid bleep bleep thing.
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