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Goes together extremely quickly because all the hard work has been done including servos hooked up to control surfaces and power system. Always exceptional construction of these OMP models in the factory if you take time to look inside at the neatly interlocked balsa and ply. Runs on 4S or 6S. I went 6S4000 but rarely used full throttle since it is so light.


Thanks to those that subscribe to my Essential RC channel and watch my videos which share my passion for all things RC. Much appreciated. 




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New, larger version of the Challenger from OMP Hobby. 59 inch wingspan, super light balsa and play construction with a high visibility scheme that has been very well applied in the factory. I used the recommended SunnySky brushless motor and ESC with Eolo propellor. Takes 4 standard servos. Can use 4S or 6S packs. I used a 6S4000 and barely used full throttle.



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Great vid as always Dom, sign of the times, at the start of the video upon seeing the pilot, I thought "oh this will be good, a young lad prop hanging a lanc!", but good on him flying it so nicely... would have been great to see a bouncing b&mb, given the 80th anniversary of Dambusters. would have been the icing on the cake.

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On 15/06/2023 at 13:32, Adrian Smith 1 said:

What a shame. It's easy for me to say in hindsight but would it have been better to leave the U/C retracted and just slide in? 😒

Yes. In this case he was too far away to judge the landing. I was at full zoom on my camera. The jet would have been very small for him visually.

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