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Powered by Laser, a gallery thread

Jon H

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A little bit of fun this one guys.

Get your camera's out and snap any model you have powered by a Laser engine. Photos, videos, shots of builds in progress, whatever.

Don't worry if your model is not a scale masterpiece and is a well beaten workhorse, pop up a photo anyway as its just nice to see what people have.

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Here is my Wot 4 Mk3 Kit build. I spoke to Chris Foss about this before buying this Kit and discussed putting the Laser 80 in...he said he had used a 70 in the past and an 80 should be fine. Of course they work perfectly well if built light with a small motor, but I didn't want to do that. I wanted a strong plane with a big motor The result is superb. It goes vertical when needed. The superb throttling allows it to do anything, and it will fly in almost any wind and it takes off in any conditions. Great for our rotten weather when I "just want to fly". The air brakes work nicely for still days and short landings and are an extra fun aspect..wot4_front_top.jpg

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Posted by Ron Gray on 14/12/2017 22:27:43:

Was going to post pics of my Wots Wot XL, shan't bother now having seen that beauty. And just look at the size of that prop!

Aww don't be like that, I said all are welcome!

And he uses a 21x8 for flying, not sure if that is what is fitted or if he has a static prop. I suspect the latter but will ask.


Nice variety of models already. The Majestic major is a popular one for Laser customers with almost everything up to 100 used as well as our diesels.

Chipmunks are always a winner as well and David your example is very impressive.

Tim you have so many Laser models we might have to start a new thread

Edited By Jon Harper - Laser Engines on 15/12/2017 00:08:04

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