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Powered by Laser, a gallery thread

Jon - Laser Engines

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goodness Steve, you need a thread just for yourself! I didn't realise I had fleeced your wallet so many times

Which kit is the Gunfighter P51 from? is it a yt job?

Tom, I have fond memories of the flair pup as I was taught to fly on my dads example. He still has it and its more or less still airworthy. He has flown only once or twice in the past 10 years though

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Yes, Jon, the Gunfighter P51D is from the YT kit - currently on its third set of oleo legs, always a weakness (soft aluminium) from YT. Now making them locally... It flies a dream, as do most Mustangs.

Just for interest, the H9 Spitfire MKIX (81" ) is set up with two tanks, 20oz and 4oz chicken hopper style, to keep a good feed to the carb. It works very well, but I have to remember to empty the bottom tank before going home surprise.

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I didn't know yt did a 70 inch job in that paint scheme. I am tempted by their larger one in the same colours.

Your tank setup is quite clever as it prevents the head pressure of the top tank acting on the lower. If it didn't do this it wouldn't work

The spit looks awesome btw

Edited By Jon Harper - Laser Engines on 16/12/2017 10:05:51

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Here's my first Laser-powered model, a fun-scale Krier Kraft Acromaster which I designed and built in 1991 especially for an early Laser 75. 55in span, 7lb weight. Light and very aerobatic on straight juice, I loved it and a Laser 80 would be ideal these days. My plans from RCM are on Outerzone, and I'm thinking of doing what I did with my Great Lakes seen earlier, and downloading the drawings and scaling them up in Foxit for another Laser 155, or maybe even a 160v.

Clear doped Solartex with sprayed cellulose finish.

Krier Kraft Acromaster 1991 01.jpg

All-wood structure. Sprung u/c as per full size, which used a Piper Cub u/c assembly.

Krier Kraft Acromaster 1991 02.jpg


Krier Kraft Acromaster 1991 03.jpg

Low inverted over the Eden Valley when I lived in Penrith, Cumbria. Lovely location nestling between the Lake District and the Pennines.

Krier Kraft Acromaster 1991 04.jpg


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My apologies, gentlemen, I thoughtlessly answered a question on how I set up the Laser engine fuel feed in my displayed Spitfire. I won't do it again, and to make up for it here are a couple of pics of my now deceased Fokker Dr1 with its Laser 200 V Twin...

It was a little overpowered, flew mostly at half throttle.


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