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Tony B's replica

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Danny 's right, Tony.

Just be a bit patient and wait for him to approach those difficult steps and propose a solution to all of us. That's why he's The Teacher, by the way.

And indeed, some members seem to like 'having a race' out there. Not sure if that's a real fantastic idea though.

Hang on, young man. yes



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Posted by Tony Bennett on 01/11/2018 11:13:28:

I think i will be dropping out as i cannot understand the plan well enough to build correctly.

i shall watch all you others progress with your builds with envy.

Tony B

Hang on in there Tony. When you get stuck just ask. We are all here to help.


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one complete codkpit set 3D printed. smiley

Still working on the lower wing panels.

gave up trying to fully understand the plan and just "winged it".

adding the wingtip balsa now.

yes there is some Depron in the wing and there will be some more yet as well. cheeky

well it is half the weight of the balsa parts and as they say "every little helps"

Tony B

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I would put the wingtip cap ribs on  before you get too carried away with the sanding. Would be interested to see whether you get a good fit - especially on the outer two ribs.


Coming along very quickly..




Edited By Martyn K on 06/11/2018 13:07:48

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