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Tony B's replica

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Why thank you Robert. smiley

today whilst doing house hold chores i maanaged to start some upper sheeting.

the section behind the cockpit has now been sheeted with some 3mm Depron.

i added some strips of depron either side of each former to give more gluing area.

so tomorrow if i get time, i hope to add two extra depron formers to support the cockpit sides.

this will be so i can add the opening door section on the left hand side.

not sure if i want a full length pilot or only a half one yet, but i want to leave my options open for cockpit detail.

Tony B.

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well the panel was too small, so i had to re print it slighlty larger.

that looks better.

i will need to add the instrument details next.

due to the design of the model, i needed to cut two slots in the balsa sides to get the panel to sit low enough.

i also trimmed the top of the sides down to the level of the balsa stringers to give me a little bit more cockpit room.

guns tomorrow i hope.

Tony B

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Great panel, Tony.

I can see that you printed the gunsight already as well.

If you allow me, the plan states that it's position is 1/2 inch to the right side of the center line. I you want to, I guess it's easily corrected at this stage of your build.

Coming together nicely.



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Hi Tony.

I intend to make as cockpit detail I can. I have a 3D printer but hasn`t desing any part by myself. At this stage of construction I Will use styrene rods and sheet,

Do you have any drawing of the framework of the cabin area?.


José Luis


Edited By Jose L. G. on 22/10/2018 10:39:56

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sheeted the cockpit and cut out the opening, hope its right.

then i added the supports for the sides that i had 3d printed.

once all the glue was dry i cut out the door.

now do i hinge the door or just glue it back in to get the panel lines.


designed and printed out the throttle station as well.

we plod on slowly.

Tony B

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