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Tony B's replica

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Well i redesigned the front cowl section and printed another one out.

now do i cover with aluminium tape or paint it silver.

the inside will have to be painted as getting tape in there would be very difficult.

ok the covering is not great, but i was only seeing if the tape would stick to the pla.

i will go back to sanding my nose to shape for now, while you decide for me.

Tony B

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well today i cut the top of the nose off.

Bit of a faff as i had not planned to do this originally.

had not planned the build out correctly, still i can sort it.

i need to remake the sides with some more carved block, but it is not a hard job.


Then i put my mind to esc cooling.

now i have this big duct running under the fuselage, or will have when it is finished.

so i thought that if i put the esc just above the rad cowl and open the fuselage up a bit, i can get some air flowing over it.

so i cut a hole in the rad cowl front section.

Then i printed some louvers.


they glue in here.

hopefully this will help with cooling airflow to the esc when it is all finished.


Tony B


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Well after spending nearly all of december building a new kitchen i am back on the Fury.

Today i have designed and printed the first of the u/c leg covers.

mine are designed to fit over some HK oleo legs, so i can have sprung suspension.

I also tried covering the depron cockpit door in aluminium tape.

Tony B

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Well the battery hatch is covered in tape, not great but it will look ok from a distance (five miles should be enough)cheeky

Rivets round the gun troughs for Danny. wink

Then i sat and cut a few disks from 1mm Depron.

they go on here to make a start on the fastners.

i can't see if there is one between the troughs at the back, help needed.

Tony B

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