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Twin esc, one channel

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40 minutes ago, EarlyBird said:



An ESC with no speed control? 


I don't understand.




As per the AliExpress listing - certainly unusual...


RW.RC Self-starting Brushless ESC 10A / 30A / 60A / 80A / 125A / 200A with Driver Board No PWM For RC Fan Pump RC Plane
This unique ESC, technically speaking, should not be called an electronic speed governor. It has no signal line, so it cannot adjust the speed of the motor. As long as the battery is plugged in, the motor will start at full speed immediately. This brushless controller can be applied to some equipment that does not require speed adjustment.
It can be widely used in various fans, electric skateboards, underwater propellers, oil pumps, computer cooling, electric drills and various aircraft models.
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