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Ripmax Bossanova

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Hi guys me again . ive been searching hi and low and i just cant find a one anywhere does any one know of a ripmax bossanova that would be for sale in good condition they stopped making them years ago and its an utter shame its one of my biggest regretts as i put so much flying hours in on one and im just having one of the nostalgic moments of i would love another full size bossanova. thanks in advance for any one who can help in my search 

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I bought a Bossanova at our club auction earlier this month.  It is going to need a fair bit of refurbishment though before it is airworthy. 
In addition to geographical location, the difficulty is going to be finding one in good condition.  They have very light construction, are designed for a type of flying (3D) that is likely to result in damage and they have been out of production for ten years or more. 
I have read that the Bolero is pretty similar so you may be better off looking for one of them.
That one in the ebay listing, with the exception of the missing engine cowl, looks pretty good.   You could try messaging the seller to see if you could send him a box to put it in, and take the risk that the courier doesn't destroy it, however ebay doesn't encourage stuff like that, and with Parcelforce you are looking at around £40 for delivery and Evri light & large via Interparcel around £30.

This is the manual for the Bolero:  Ripmax Bolero Manual

Inwood Models in Huntingdon are having a big sell off of used models.  They aren't on your doorstep, but are a lot closer to you than Lymington is

There is also 'A Plane Olde Bargain' in Lincolnshire who have a regular stock of similar models, such as this Hype which comes wth an engine & servos APOB 3D Hype

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thank you all so much for your help im gonna be looking into baleros as there basically the same planes with slats on the wings but yeah i get theyed not be in best conmdtion i know some dude put a 53 os in his and it would always land to hard . was glad i had my 46 race engine in as was light and quick enough. even managed to find a pic of my one 


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