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  1. I'm way behind you boys with my build, but I will be fitting a S8R Receiver. The basic programming is already done so I can do motor/prop combination testing
  2. To get the wing leading edge elliptical profile Ron, did you end up with a sharpish nose radius?
  3. Taking my time also. My first real build for a very long time and don't want to mess it up in a big way. I'm following Ron's Vlog and Richards build notes.
  4. Ron's right about not applying too much brown gorilla glue. I've never used it before and obviously applied too much to the TE closing member and nothing seemed to happen until after about an hour and then loads extruded out of the joint and tipped over the balsa strip slightly even though it was secured with tape. Still, easy to rectify. Will know next time I use i! Nigel
  5. Ah, there is only a trailing edge set to fit!
  6. Good Luck with the eye injection Eric, my Wife has just gone off for hers. Fortunately, mine have stopped. Do the leading and trailing edge closing members come separately as I can only find one wing set? Nigel
  7. The C130J was the UK variant with the multibladed prop. Marshalls used one as a test bed for the A400m engine.
  8. Glued the doublers to the fuse sides this afternoon. Hope to sync in with Ron's VLOG next week.
  9. Yes, its 6mm which fits my 3548 motor Richard. I know because the kit arrived safely today. Watched the Parcelforce van go by our bungalow this morning so thought not today and went out to fetch the dog food. When we got back there was a note on the doormat saying parcel at the local Post Office. So, picked it up and ready to go! Nigel
  10. What size is the hole in the spinner disc Richard? Nigel
  11. Do you guys use chargers that you can set the final charging voltage or do you monitor and stop at the charger at the appropriate time?
  12. I struggle to get 50+ cycles out of my 2200maH lipos which are charged at 1C and have a very easy life.
  13. We had those on the NDN Firecracker. Don't remember what effect they had though. Nige
  14. Richards furry friends must have spoken to our posties as the order form arrived today! The cheque is in the post. Nigel
  15. The way our post is it will probably come the week after!
  16. Wihtgar

    Launch Dolly

    Yes, Thankyou Ron. I shall leave the nylon inners in place. Nigel
  17. Wihtgar

    Launch Dolly

    How do you manage to remove the hubs from the front wheels Ron?
  18. Thanks for the heads up on the servos Richard, I already have two of those. Run up the power train in my test jig (without prop) to check the esc and motor rotation direction. Still to turn the esc brake on. I have set up the model in companion, need to upload the TX, bind to SXR Rx and perform initial Rx calibration and all being well check stabilisation works as intended. Hopefully, working power and control systems should be ready to be fitted as the build progresses. Nigel
  19. Hi Richard, What servos are you planning to use? Nigel
  20. Got me too. Pretty sure I got hooked clicking on an account conformation link purporting to be from Nexus models. I can't believe I got caught by that one. Anyway, new card on its way after bank spotted small amount Lifewatch taken out of the credit card account. Thing is I thought the automated call from the bank was from scammers until I contacted the bank after the third call. I couldn't see any suspicious activity on the account as the bank had stopped the transaction so beware folks.
  21. I've also got an unboxed S8R which I will also have a go at setting up using the above info. If all looks OK I will try it with my WR Tempest. Nigel
  22. A Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to you all Nigel
  23. Just came across these recent posts. I sympathise David, many years ago we looked after a couple of hamsters at different times which both escaped. One from my brother and another from friends. One of them, I can't remember which, gnawed a perfect round hole in one of our hall curtains. As for a second model, a mossie has always been on my bucket list. Nigel
  24. Sorry Richard, I have 4S batteries so will go for either 12X6 or 12X5 Nigel
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