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  1. Hello Geoff Welcome to the new topic. I was wondering how I was going to simulate my planking on the hull and you have given me some ideas. Coming along well. Levanter
  2. That's a kind offer Steve. I have seen photos of your site. It looks fabulous. I will check out your videos. Thanks Levanter
  3. There already seems to be much more interest in RC boats in this forum than the Model Boats forum. It is not very exciting posting there and there are very few regular posters. Many have left. Pardon me Geoff for interrupting your thread. I wonder if we could have a bespoke model boats topic where anyone can post. There seems to be an appetite for it. I build aircraft for which I get almost no opportunity to fly because there are only two sites that I know of in Mallorca and they are both far away. I also build boats of all kinds and living in a harbour I do get to use them. There are some interesting cross-overs in construction and as Geoff says, sailing is like two dimensional flying. Does anyone else think a bespoke topic would be good even though it might be detrimental to a sister forum? Levanter
  4. Hi Geoff You are right about the Model Boat Forum. It didn't take well to the change. One big problem is that you can't see how many views you have had and without actual responses, it is impossible to know if anyone has the foggiest interest in what you are posting. Shame! Following with interest because your is more advanced than mine. I have not done anything with it for over a year but you deciding to post on Veronica has prodded me to get going again. It makes a lovely model and there are great similarities between sailing and flying, especially gliding. Levanter
  5. Hello Geoff Your Veronica is at about the same level of mine. It is from the same plan (with all the mistakes) but Ray Wood drew in the corrections. Mine is called Kimberley after a real TSB I was once involved with. I have come to a grinding halt but recently I have a new ambition to finish it. I am not proposing a race but it would be nice to have some company, perhaps on this Forum to gently finish the boat off. Levanter
  6. I am with Ron. I have the KS230 (since the year dot) and more recently FET. I have many other Proxxon tools so I am a fan. The move towards building model boats justified the FET with the much higher capacity, carbide tipped saw and bevel capabilities. I cut my own planks from Mahogany, teak and other hard woods and that makes it work hard. Used also for household stuff. The drill and the disk sander are great. I wouldn't be without them. Levanter
  7. Hello Basil On a Sonata E I built a couple of years ago I used a method very similar to Ron's however instead of using rubber bands to hold the spoilers in the closed position I used small magnets. One advantage is a positive closure that will not degrade over time. Another is that once the magnets have opened they no longer exert any force so the servo doesn't have to work so hard as it is air pressure only. I used a small servo with a standard arm but at right angles to the spoiler (not inclined) and pushing against a small piece of epoxy sheet to provide a bearing surface. Ron can achieve identical opening of the spoilers by adjusting the end point on the servos. Mine are mounted on small racks that allow a small amount of mechanical adjustment to achieve the same. Both have have the advantage that there is no direct link between the servo and the spoiler so there is no chance of stalling or buzzing the servo in the closed position. A small gap in the closed position allows the magnets / rubber bands to do their work. I didn't take photos during the build but I could do if you would like. Levanter
  8. I see that the 4 Max disposal advice was published in 2010 so is even older than the BMFA advice. Perhaps they would like to update it? I don't have any of their equipment and I am not based in the UK. Perhaps a regular customer would be taken notice of. Levanter
  9. Hello Rosso I have an old kit I am dying to build but I don't have the ribs or any details of the ribs. Joining the queue for when you are up and running. Levanter
  10. Posted by McG 6969 on 10/01/2021 09:42:50: Posted by Chris Walby on 10/01/2021 07:55:01: Wingspan: 53in (2125 mm) Hey Chris, ... it seems that the inches are quite a bit larger in the UK than they are on the Continent... ... but then that's probably the reason why I'm still an apprentice modeller... Cheers & keep the faith Chris Hi Chris (The one from Belgium) You forget that since 1st January 2021 we can make our inches as big as we like Levanter
  11. Sophisticated Lady Pretty much the standard kit except I added a tow release. Turned up from brass it also acted as a nose weight and as luck would have it, CG position available by adjustment of battery position. Hence the the slightly blunt nose. I have no idea whether it will be of any use as a tow plane would have to be able to fly quite slowly not to pull the wings off. It also has the hook for a bungee launch. Levanter
  12. I will confess to everyone that I have not yet learned how to fly so to answer Chris's point truthfully, I have no idea what I want to do with it. Someone else hopefully will maiden it and if they produce nasty characteristics they won't get used. My flying opportunities are limited (I live in Mallorca) but I love building and try to do something different on each build. So far I have not built anything with retracts, ducted fan or sea-plane and all are on my list. A good point though Chris and again thanks to all. Levanter
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