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  1. +1 for the Lemon Rxs. Cheaper and just as good as the Spektrum Rxs. Choice of stabilisation modes and amount of stabilisation applied can be controlled from Transmitter (providing you have a spare channel available). See Lemon Rx manual Ian
  2. A point that has largely been overlooked, the OP states that the receivers are Orange and Storm. The failsafe function is a feature of the receivers not the Transmitter. When the receiver loses signal the transmitter has no control over what the receiver does. The failsafe function is essentially a default set of control positions that the receiver goes to when signal is lost. It is correct that these default positions are generally set during binding, as the receiver "remembers" the stick positions of the transmitter at the point of binding. Thereafter the receiver remembers these default positions until rebound. The number of channels or control functions remembered varies with receiver manufacturer and model. The most basic receivers offer no or very limited, ie just throttle, failsafe. More (recent) sophisticated receivers offer not only throttle but also elevator , aileron, rudder etc. failsafe settings. Therefore you need to know not only your transmitter bind process, but also the capabilities and operating modes of the receivers. Manufacturers information is widely available on the internet, but probably more help will be forthcoming form club members who are familiar with the same receivers. As a minimum the throttle failsafe should be set to cut the throttle on loss of signal, as someone has already mentioned this is now a requirement as set out in CAP 658: Failsafes Any powered model aircraft fitted with a receiver capable of operating in failsafe mode should have the failsafe set, as a minimum, to reduce the engine(s) speed to idle on loss or corruption of signal. Edited By BackinBlack on 21/02/2020 10:31:17
  3. Hi Corne, You can also access the digital editions using the Pocketmags app for your PC. See Pocketmags You'll need your registration details as detailed when you bought the subscription. You should get an email advising that there is a new issue as and when it is published. Happy Reading Ian
  4. Different rules for Organisations and Individuals. As an individual you can mount use and record CCTV almost anywhere you like, providing there is no invasion of private space not belonging to you, e.g. don't point it at you neighbours bedroom windows. There are rules for organisations regading how long you may keep recordings etc and who may view them. An assessment of need and a policy for use have to be in place. For monitoring the private space ( and even Public space outwith) of a Clubs facilities, the use of CCTV and remote monitoring should be of little concern to the GDPR police. If there are real concerns, then a couple of paragraphs added to the Club Constitution/Rules would suffice to allay the fears of those who insist on being "legal".
  5. I understand what you say about 4 Max postal charges, I usually order quite significant amounts, so the postage isn't an important factor. Can't blame Grorge for following the (postal) rules though. Ian
  6. Try one of the following, I've had good service from both. 4 Max Tx/Rx batteries Component Shop - AA cells
  7. Don't have one myself, but I really don't think that is right. Surely someone here will have one that they can compare.
  8. Posted by Nigel R on 10/01/2020 20:02:23: Is your tx set up to use that channel? I understand some glider setups may not be. That's correct, in sailplane model set up the throttle channel is usually pre-configured for camber or similar functions and the throttle is assigned to a switch for simple on/off operation.
  9. Throttle, Elevator, Aileron, Rudder is the normal Spectrum convention. For the AR410 Rx port A/1 is Battery, B/2 is Data or throttle, ports 3 - Elevator, 4 - Aileron, 5 - Rudder. If using an ESC with BEC then power is via the Throttle port, for IC battery goes to port A/1. Bind procedure from manual: 1. Push and hold the bind button on the receiver while powering up the receiver. Release the Bind button once the orange LED starts to fl ash continuously, indicating that the receiver is in bind mode. The receiver will also enter bind mode if you power on the receiver and then press the bind button before the receiver has connected to any transmitter. 2. Put your transmitter in bind mode. 3. The bind process is complete when the orange LED on the receiver is solid. 4. After you set up your model, always rebind the transmitter and receiver to set the desired failsafe positions HTH Ian Edited By BackinBlack on 10/01/2020 18:04:38
  10. As with many aspects of these CAA regs this is being overthought. Biro, masking tape, print number on tape, stick inside battery compartment or other removable hatch. Simple.
  11. All is well with me Andy. Hope all goes well with the Scans and Radio Therapy. Seasons Greetings to All. Ian
  12. I can't be absolutely certain from the photos, but it could well be a Geberit unit. I recently had similar problems and sourced spares from Fix the Bog, who I have used on several occasions. One advantage is they have photos of all the parts which makes identification easier. If in doubt replace all the washers/diaphragms, which is easy enough. Replacing the entire unit may require removing the cistern to access the fixing nuts underneath, not always easy to reseat and reseal the cistern, especially if the plumber has installed it in the time honoured fashion with lashings of silicon sealant smeared over all the gaskets and seals! Good Luck Edited By BackinBlack on 21/12/2019 15:01:07
  13. Peter, Same in my Club, no fuss. Everyone just got on with renewing subs and paying their £9 if also paying BMFA via the club. Here it seems that some are seeking out problems that don't exist. I'm sure that for the majority of us flying will carry on as normal with no particular worries about where to put numbers etc.... Edited By BackinBlack on 20/12/2019 16:11:32
  14. Drones by Muse, that ought to go down well!
  15. I recently acquired a previously cherished (ARTF?) Nova 40 from our clubs recycling centre (ie the corner of the clubhouse where members leave items they no longer want). It's in good condition, with no repairs to the airframe, the covering has faded but otherwise intact. It was previously fitted with an unknown glow motor. I propose to use it for a little relaxed flying over the winter. I was going the glow route but have now decided to convert to electric. The airframe with servos weighs just over 2.5 kgs or 5.5lbs and at 65" wingspan is somewhere in between things like the Precedent Hi-Boy and Uno Wot or Wot trainer. Accordingly, applying the recommended 100 to 120 watts per lb a motor of 550 to 660 watts would be appropriate. 4-Max recommend a 3547-900 for the Hi-Boy or the 5055-595 for the Uno-Wot. I have opted for the larger motor as the Nova appears to need that weight up front for correct C of G. Also the larger motor will come in useful with my plans for future aircraft. Hope that helps. Edited By BackinBlack on 26/11/2019 12:44:47
  16. +1 for Lemon Rx with stabiliser. 7 channel Stab+ version can be set with 3 modes - No stabilisation, Stabilisation and Autolevel (great for those moments of panic) . All can be set from the transmitter with a 3 position toggle switch, or just 2 functions if no 3 way switch available. See Lemon Rx 7 channel with Stab+ Cheaper and easier to use than a flight controller which has many more features that you probably don't need. Ian Edited By BackinBlack on 10/11/2019 19:23:19
  17. I don't use Apple/Mac devices, but Flash works OK on Windows. However, Adobe is withdrawing support for Flash as from the end of 2020, so websites that use Flash will have to use alternative systems to display graphic content. Many users have already moved away from Flash, whilst others are either oblivious or just waiting for doomsday.
  18. Zippy or Hyperion Graphene. Both have served me well, as always, when properly looked after.
  19. David, Thank you for your story, so glad that things are going in the right direction for you. It does highlight not only the different treatment experiences we have all had, but also the difference between medical professionals (and areas?) in assessing the need for and type of treatment offered. Having related the usual pee symptoms to my GP, she immediately took a sample for PSA test. 2 days later I was recalled to the Surgery to be told they as I had a PSA of 8.5 I would be referred as urgent (to see a Consultant within 14 days). MRI and biopsies followed within a couple of weeks, treatment options offered, discussed and chosen with Radical Prostatectomy (DaVinci method) just 10 weeks after initial PSA results. Brilliant work by the Churchill Hospital, Oxford. Thankfully I now have over 12 months of PSA less than 0.01. Ian
  20. Posted by Andy Joyce on 05/08/2019 18:10:09: Has anybody had the robot assisted radical prostatectomy? Hi Andy, Yes, I had a radical prostatectomy almost 15 months ago at the Churchill, Oxford at 69 years old. It took just under 8 weeks from initial referral to my operation. I had an MRI scan, semi robotic biopsies (14!) which showed the cancer was contained within the Prostate but was advanced. I was offered the choice of Surgery or Radiation therapy. I had decided from the outset that Surgery would be my preferred option. The prospect of 6 months or so of hormone treatment, 4 weeks of radiation, the up to 9 months or more of hormone treatment did not enthral me. The operation was very straightforward, admitted late on Saturday morning, straight to Theatre, about 5 hours later woke up in recovery ward, even had a meal later in the evening. Left Hospital after Lunch on Sunday. Catheter removed after 10 days, pee under control a few days after that. Also had 28 days of self injected Heparin, used to help prevent blood clots. Erectile functions now need a little help, a small price to pay. PSA levels now down to 0.01, so all is well. Good Luck Ian Edited By BackinBlack on 06/08/2019 20:18:08
  21. My preferred iron is the Antex TCS50W. covers light, small work through to medium jobs such as XT60/90 connectors. I have several Antex irons (CS15, XS25 and TCS50) which have all proved reliable, the CS15 is now 40+ years old. They're British and spares are readily available. Good to get a few extra bits to cover small and large jobs. Whatever you choose I would suggest that it has a heat resistant silicon cable, which is more flexible than the common PVC cables. Much easier to use if you don't have to fight the cable when positioning the iron for delicate work. Finally don't use lead free solder, it erodes bits quite quickly and doesn't flow on joints as easily as traditional lead/tin multicore fluxed solder.
  22. Silver soldering should correctly be called silver brazing. It uses a hard silver solder which typically contains between 33 to 55% silver and has a melting point of 650C to 720C, the more silver the lower the melting point. It is primarily used for mechanical rather than electrical jointing as an alternative to brazing, which needs a hotter flame. It is an alloy containing in addition to silver Tin, Copper, Zinc and some rare metals. Typified by it's lower melting point below 450C, Soft soldering uses lead based solder also with tin and copper plus only 2 to 6% of silver, lead free solder is again based on Tin and Copper with a small amount of silver and other rare metals it is most commonly used for electrical connections. It's also used for plumbing. That means that if you can melt it with a soldering iron it is Soft solder, if it needs the heat of a blowtorch it is Silver or Bronze Brazing, which is much harder and stronger. There's also Silver soldering for Jewellery, which also uses a high silver content and requires more heat. HTH Ian Edited By BackinBlack on 07/07/2019 14:47:29
  23. +/- 2.5%, not bad when you consider all the manufacturing, calibration and process variables. Propeller Motor ESC Wiring Connectors Batteries Rx conversion/processing Tx calibration/processing
  24. It will be next on my building bench, which will be clear in about a week. A kit from Sarik would help in getting it in the air a little sooner.
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