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  1. last year I ordered a model, " Hobbyking P-51 Galloping Ghost Mustang". Model was taking some time to be delivered, After according to tracking, several delivery attempts and on each date I was present at the address informed model had been rejected at delivery address??? Contacted hobbyking ,informed by hobbyking that a refund or new model would be sent. Time went by when I contacted HK they said I had refused delivery and the model (package) had been destroyed???? No delivery attempt was made at my shipping address, HK refused to accept this saying I had rejected Delivery, not only had I no model and £140 out of pocket but making out that I was a liar. I will never use Hobbyking again, the customer service rubbish, it is like talking to a brick wall. I will make a video on youtube when I get time to give more detailed account because this went on for several months. I believe the package/model went to my post code but the post code covers 70+ house numbers on a mile or so of road, the carrier must have delivered to the wrong house number. Will stick with MotionRC in future ?
  2. My opinion, Just do it ,for the sake of £9 and simple enough test, do it. The police will not bother law abiding clubs or free flyers. Only those people who fly near airports ,in towns /cities. or public events and parks. the police have better things to do catching criminals . Kelvin .
  3. Das Boot White Tiger (The Tank) Angels one five Edited By Kelly on 20/10/2019 21:16:42
  4. If my club registers then I will comply for the sake of my club. If I have to register as an individual then I will leave my club and free fly as I did for several years. I am making a stand . This is a hobby with a very good safety record. People who buy drones and fly them near airports, main roads, smuggling goods into prison and so on are not going to register so how do we who on the whole fly with safety in mind ,insurance and obey air laws be forced to register when so called drones have been around for 10 years or so without causing any loss of life due to an air strike etc. The Police have a lot more to deal with than someone with a toy aircraft, although you can get arrested for raising your voice to your wife (ask me how I know). So bring it on you sad little PC law makers
  5. Why not refuse to take the test on mass. Police cells are very comfy .
  6. Just fly and enjoy . BMFA handbook, insurance ANO and for some forced to take the A cert ,more law is needed??? I would swear if allowed.
  7. 1974? not sure. Webra diesel - 2 channel rudder/elevator. Built as per instructions ,tissue and dope covering.
  8. Hi Thanks for the feedback will contact Mike Ridley when I find the time. Update on charging, charged up with the wall wart fully charged. Several minutes after taking off charge it switched itself on.Turned it off, 5 mins or so later it switched itself on again?? switched it off ,waited half hour did not restart. Been in is box 3days.Just checked still showing voltage loss. will check to see if anything glows later. I have 3x Futaba 6ex TX never any problems on the ground or in the air. It puts you off a leading brand name even if it is an easy fix.
  9. Update to discharge problem when not in use the new DX6e. Still complete discharge after 2 weeks will disconnect to see if li-on holds charge. Should not happen when it is an expensive horizon upgrade ?? I like the radio not put off by this, may go back to dry cell to see if they last longer .
  10. I have a DX6e Spektrum Lithium battery upgrade discharge fault . Bit of a bummer, had Futaba for years no problems of any kind.. Is it safe to fly or am I at risk of battery failure, not keen on sending the Tx back for repair or is it safe if I change it back to dry cells ????. Not impressed
  11. Have any model shops reported lipo fires,they must be at more risk with the amount of lipos in stock???
  12. stuck the dummy light lenses on since the photos,just push fitted the aerial mast for now. fly with it off see how many times i can put it on its back before fixing on.
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