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Tony B's replica

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Fantastic work Tonny ¡

What type of glue had you used for attaching the paper? I suppouse must be compatible with the depron you had used in the model.

At the moment I`d been unable to source some dope in my side of europe (restrictios on shipping). I ordered some from Retromodeller but cancelled the order due shipping restrictions.

José Luis

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Rudder and elevators now working... just about.

went closed loop on the rudder and two seperate push rods for the elevators.

not scale i know, but i am starting to get bored and just want to finish the Fury now.

making the tail skid tonight and then i can finish the fuselage off.

Be working on the rigging next week...i hope.

Tony B

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  • 1 year later...

A year on and she is still in the same condition.

I was not happy with the finish and I just sort of gave up.

I need to re cover the whole model and sort out the slop in the elevator controls and finish the rigging.

Just can't get motivated with models at the moment.


Tony B

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