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Macgregor covering

Andrew Calcutt

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I'm currently using it at the moment as it's a quarter of the price of Oracover. This is only the second model I've made! The first model I used Oracover. I went for it thinking 'more expensive = superior quality'. Whilst Oracover is good, Macgregor is a third or sometimes a quarter of the price it was a no brainer! I read somewhere its classed as a 'budget' covering.

Would I buy Macgregor covering again? Absolutely!!! 

It goes on fine! Sticks down well and shrinks nicely. 

I went for it also as I found out that the models coming out of China are often covered with Macgregor. I don't know how true this is though!

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The same can be bought for £4/m elsewhere, RapidRC for example **Link** then there is Hobby King for £3/m when you can get it.

As others have said it is equivalent to Profilm and is brilliant. I have come to the conclusion it is all the same and comes from the same manufacturer. 



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I covered a large model with HK blue covering a few years ago and because of one reason or another I've yet to complete it to flying condition. The model is stored in a spare bedroom and the covering hasn't shown any signs of lifting or slackening, which is excellent considering how the temp does tend to vary quite a bit in the room from summer to winter.

Oracover is excellent and does have certain advantages over its cheaper rivals, but is way overpriced and not worth the extra IMHO. I'm sure the Macgregor stuff is equally good.

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I have used HK film exclusively, but, as it's been difficult to get (different suppliers may have stock but not necessarily the colour needed) I looked for some white, light blue and darker blue.


I found the MacGregor film at RCWorld in Wales. As far as I can tell it's exactly the same as the HK/RapidRC/RC Life covering.





This is my nearly finished Galaxy Hornet Twin. 


The darker blue is called Sapphire and is a metallic finish. The white and light blue are solid colours.


I'm very pleased with the outcome. The maiden will be later in the year when the weather improves!



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3 minutes ago, Caveman said:

As far as I can tell it's exactly the same as the HK/RapidRC/RC Life covering.

I have used HK exclusively but have been told by others on here it's as good as Profilm and also RapidRC have said it's the same as HK which opened a can of worms because HK were out of stock RapidRC were being accused of buy up the HK stock and selling it at a higher price. This logic comes from people believing the HK film is made by HK similarly McGregor film is thought to be made by them. I believe it's all the same film produced by a single manufacturer and the only difference is the retail price. Do I care no.


It's good film and easy to use. I have had the odd roll where removing the backing was nearly impossible but mainly there has been no problem. I will continue to buy it from the lowest priced source which means McGregor at £5.95/m will be at the bottom of, an admittedly, short list. If you are in the UK HK are not delivering until March 1st at the earliest, due to more EU Tax compliance issues I am led to believe. Buy it from where you can while you can. 



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