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It’s been just over two weeks into the build - so far the only hurdle to overcome was getting the thick fuselage sides to conform to fuselage former F2 - initially they weren’t having any of it but with patience and brushing plenty of Ammonia onto them I was able to get them to curve nicely around. 








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More progress - little jobs done this week! Servo tray cut and fitted, elevator pushrod made up, elevator and rudder painted. 
I’m using the same techniques used on the fw190 and hawker tempest mass builds - brown paper covering and emulsion tester pots to paint! I don’t think it’ll be winning any awards for scale but as long as it flies and looks ‘close enough’ I’ll be happy! 






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AUW should be 10lbs according to the plan.. I was starting to worry about weight so weighed the fuselage so far. I know it’s not covered, but under 1 1/2 lbs seems ok to me - hopefully the covering and paint won’t add masses of weight! 
Then I had to do the bit I’ve been dreading- cutting the fuselage for the wing to fit… doesn’t look as bad as I thought it might!


it’s definitely looking like a Beaufighter to me now! 






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Finished covering the fuselage and have painted the horizontal stabilisers. now to adding the white base for the invasion  stripes… 

I’ve not decided which particular aircraft I want to replicate yet other than it will be a coastal command aircraft, but the invasion stripes will help with seeing what is basically a blue and grey aircraft against a blue/grey sky! 
I’ve been researching it and the invasion stripes in one form or another stayed on surviving aircraft from June well into October/November 1944 so I’ve lots to choose from.. 🤔





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Just a quick mention- I’m not a ‘builder’ - prior to this I’ve only built a galaxy models magician, top flite sea fury and dabbled with a Brian Taylor mosquito (gave up on that as too complicated at the time!). 
just want to show folk that with a bit of patience it’s possible to build something from a plan that even an inexperienced builder can be proud of. It may not win any awards at the nationals but I’m happy with it…
I really like the brown paper method of covering - paper and all paints used (grey/blue/black/white) will have come to about £15 so it doesn’t break the bank! 

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19 minutes ago, Paul De Tourtoulon said:

Does the pilot's canopy fit ? Mine was too small.

No, too small on mine as well - I need to try carving a plug and making my own, I want the navigators cupola to be the later shape as well. Still it’s another skill to learn! 

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