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  1. Stupidly I wrong connected the receiver and now caput. 😟 Ordered another one but that didn't show the LED so couldn't bind. Sent it back explaining the problem and got all my money refunded, including postage, no problems. Ordered 2 more and both working. It only cost £1 more to order two as it's free postage above £8.
  2. My very first engine. Late 1962 but no number. Just "Made in England". Now this motor, early 1970's does have a number etched on it. W1034'
  3. English instructions relevant to the video:- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FZn5zCQfHSOZJ7MW-MJwwD4ytUQf2nIjSq9MpYgpkEY/edit Don't forget to recalibrate the gimbals.
  4. Difficult to tell from the "Russian" video but it looks like he is just removing the centering spring of one gimbal to alter it to friction. Obviously he would then have to attach (or unlock) the spring on the opposite stick so that it centres. There will be some sort of friction/ratchet adjustment needed for the throttle stick and the opposite for the elevator stick. Whether you would want to alter the channel arrangement by a software change or just leave the output as is.?
  5. The DHT module was replaced with the XHT module to conform to EU rules..:- https://www.frsky-rc.com/product/xht/ Can't find any of these either except maybe Banggood or Aliexpress. Both units look to have been dropped. There are other manufacturers of TX hacks but I have no info' on them. I understand there is an option to take the innards out of an XJT unit to make it into an XHT module. :- https://forum.alofthobbies.com/index.php?threads/converting-a-xjt-into-an-xht-for-vintage-radios.454/
  6. The Imax is 12v supply and in this case fed from a mains 13.8v regulated supply. The Accucell is mains fed. I've given up for the moment but will have another go when the "little grey cells" have cooled off. As mentioned I can charge the sticks by other means so not an real problem. Thanks for all the suggestions. Cheers John.
  7. Yes same as first sentence. Played a little with a couple of AA cells. One cell acted as above. Switched off and then reset The other cell did accept a charge but required quite a high current ? Up to now I charge the sticks using a dedicated wall charger but it doesn't have any indication that it is charging. I also have a general charger that will also charge any Ni-MH cell and that does have indication. All the cells I have will charge on these two chargers. So no real problem, just something that should work and I'm failing. Cheers
  8. Thank you for all the replies. Polarities all correct, no short circuits, no moving of things. I will try some other standard AA single cells I have and see how they go and let you know. Cheers John.
  9. Ron - yes definitely set to Ni-MHH/Ni-Cad. Manish - Cells are good as far as know. Work O.K. on my glow plug engines. Will check for a short on the lead and the I will try different charge rates. Thankyou for the replies.
  10. I have a couple of these glow plug sticks and the charger shown below. The charger came with the lead shown but I can't get a setting to actually charge either of the sticks. As soon as I press "start" the charger beeps, turns off and then resets itself. Am I doing something wrong or won't the charger work with just one cell ? I also have another charger (Accuscell) and that also acts in the same way. I can get to read the voltage of the sticks on each of the chargers (generally about 1.2v) so the connection and polarity is right. The sticks will charge from a dedicated small mains charger with no problems. It would be nice to be able to fast charge if needed. EDIT :- Not so clear but it does say on the charger - Ni-Cd/Ni-MH 1-15 cells . Any thoughts ? Cheers.
  11. I've used this guy a few times. https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/flyer21uk Contact him and ask if he can do your plan (from Outerzone). Always been fine. I have also recently found a print shop near me and they did a plan for me. Just downloaded the plan onto a USB stick and job done.
  12. D.D you can have a load of fun flying one of the 400mm "park fliers". Only needs a small area to fly in (local park 😀) and will keep your hand in until a comeback.
  13. I have an SC61 but not used for many years. I remember that also not having a good clean low speed idle. I wonder if a different temperature plug would help ? Possibly similar to an "idle bar" ?
  14. If that is the same supplier as mine then I had similar problems with my Goldberg "Sailplane". 😟 Nothing that couldn't be overcome but at the price - disappointed. Looking forward to your finished model.
  15. If both engines run and quit at the same time then probably a common cause. (Common fuel supply?) But, as advised above, run and tune each engine individually first.
  16. Done Old warden a few times over the last 30 years. Initially in the caravan but now require a B&B/hotel etc. Finding somewhere inexpensive to stay within a reasonable distance is the main stumbling block these days. 2017 last time we were there just doing a general visit.
  17. My Southerner 60 with straight wings but to the same overall dihedral.
  18. I bought one of these - £3.91 but with post etc. came to £7.08. Anyway very small and a bit fiddly to solder the pins in place. You need a very small tipped iron. I have a TX16S transmitter and spent a bit of time trying to bind it. Worked out in the end to match protocol FLYSKY 2a. It wouldn't bind on just the FS2a protocol setting ? I need to do a proper range check but every thing works fine. Even getting RSSI telemetry warnings when signal lost. This is a 4 channel receiver but there are only 4 servo connections. So if 4 servos are required then provision for a separate power supply needs to made. Either solder on a flying lead or, of course, no problem with an electric motor & BEC. P.S. The aerial connection is loose so I would advise a dab of glue to help secure it. (I use the likes of Evostick.) P.P.S Thankyou Bonzo for the heads up. 👍
  19. Beep-beep-beep. The metal detector gave out its noise. The detectorist started digging. Got down 60 feet before he realised he had his steel toe caps boots on. 🥴
  20. I did my Futaba Challenger some time back. Modules are available for easy-ish conversion. The possible choice is to decide which module to use as this will probably determine which receiver system has to be used. In my case this was/is FrSky D8 so will only work with this receiver protocol. On my conversion I fitted a plug to the module input wires which plugs into the original output socket. So I can just unplug the 2.4 module and re-plug the 35 meg' back in. The only "hard" bit was how to fit the aerial. Must admit though - I have actually never flown with it yet .
  21. Sam 35 rules:- A vintage model must be built in accordance with a design that was first flown, published or kitted prior to 1st January 1951, (January 1951 issues of magazines are accepted as published in 1950). A classic model must be built in accordance with a design that was first flown, published or kitted after 30th December 1950 and before 1st January 1961 (January 1961 issues of magazines are accepted as published in 1960). https://sam35.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/SAM35RulebookNo3AL3.pdf
  22. My spelling cud do with being improved. As my teacher's used to say - "Must try harder." Should be "couldn't" make out what the engine is ?
  23. Unfortunately not my build. Always been interested in the Optica but put off due the fatal accidents a some years back. I could make out what the "engine" is but obviously something with lots of rev's. An excellent model but they do seem to fly a bit fast for my taste. ?
  24. Do they have to foam cored wings ? Would built-up be lighter ? YouTube -
  25. My own thoughts are the Taranis 9+ can be updated only with FrSky firmware ? It's the external module I thought could be updated with the MPM firmware. But re-reading it is a Frsky XJT module so possibly not - don't know. ? Even so the module could be updated to contain the FrSky X2 (D16) protocol to cover the R9 mini. Leave the internal protocols on the Tx as is. If updating to the EU/LBT version this may not have the D8 protocol as it is not LBT as far as I understand. ?
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