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  1. Is it time that the range test guidlines were updated due to the new radios coming out with VFR and RSSI telemetry? A few years ago I was converting my fleet over to one of these new radios and as usual I carried out a range check when the models were converted. One model however gave me some thought when range testing. As I started to walk away the radio started giving me Low RSSI warnings but everything was working fine. When I got to my normal range test distance everything was still working but I was now getting RSSI critical warnings. At this point I walked another 15 paces away and the model went into failsafe. In this case the range test said everything was fine but the radio was telling me there was a problem. That receiver replaced and there were no further problems.
  2. We had a similar situation to that which Gary W mentioned happen in my club where both transmitters on a buddy box failed at almost the same time resulting in a crash. In this case neither transmitter was a Radiomaster or any other ' Lesser brand cheaper radio'.
  3. I am not finding this problem. I can go forward and back with no problems.
  4. I should have added that I had to fit a new 6S capable ESC which I had in the spares box. The new motor was the only part I had to buy.
  5. I would certainly be interested in an EDF model. It would make a pleasant change from assembling and flying foamies. Also depending on the size of the battery bay it could be flown on 4 or 6S depending on what you have. I have an Arrows Marlin that was converted to 6S purely by fitting an Arrows MIG-29 motor. It uses a 6S 1800 pack (actually a 4S and 2S pack in series) instead of the 4S 2600 pack it originally used and gives the same flight time.
  6. I have been flying on version 1.5.2 for a few weeks with no problems. There was a problem with trim ranges in 1.5.3 but this has been fixed in 1.5.4.
  7. Which version of Ethos are you using? Ethos 1.5 changed the way sounds are used. A good place to start would be the Ethos manual downloaded from the following link. https://github.com/FrSkyRC/ETHOS-Feedback-Community/raw/1.5/doc/[EN] X20 and Ethos User Manual_1.5.3.pdf
  8. I have just balanced my Xfly F-22 with a 2300 lipo and it needed 25g of weight at the front. Unfortunately my 2600 lipo's won't fit. Hopefully after test flying I can take some of the weight out.
  9. Been fine here all morning. Was also ok over the weekend.
  10. No problems here at the moment, working fine.
  11. I have printed and flown a number of 3d printed edf's and gliders most of which were successful. Models printed from PLA can be a bit fragile but I think some of that is due to the way they are designed. I have found that models printed with pre foamed PLA or LW-PLA are more durable as those materials have some flex in them whereas standard PLA is very rigid. Applying 25g/sqm glass cloth applied with WBPU varnish adds greatly to the strength of the models with very low weight increase. I have one very fast edf flying wing which would land quite fast and used to break the fuselage every few flights. Since applying the glass cloth it has flown a number of flights with no problems. Two of the models are shown below. The Fanblade is the model which has had glass cloth applied to the fuselage, the photo was taken before it was done. The Pika was mainly printed from standard PLA but the tail section from the wing aft was printed from pre foamed PLA which saved about 50g of nose weight over a Pika printed purely from standard PLA.
  12. GBG

    Log Books

    While cleaning out my mother's house a few years ago after she died I found my old slide rule in a drawer, must have been there over 50 years. I still have it. I still have and use the drawing instruments I had when I was an apprentice again over 50 years ago.
  13. It looks similar to the Twister Ninja 250. The batteries look the same. Made in the same factory?
  14. I keep a very basic spreadsheet of my flights, just date, place, model and number of flights. I also keep a similar spreadsheet for my lipo's which records total no. of flights for each one and date last used. It also works out the cost per flight.
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