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Phil Cooke

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The very mention of Enoch's will have Phil's Mum running for the hills. Apparently that is all my fault for sending Tom there on a wild goose chase, but there you are.

I must book Premier as it gets booked up fast.

Plea - left my green foldaway chair on the Tank Tracks close to the pits on the Saturday. Did anyone find it and pick it up? If so could you bring it in October and I will pay a reasonable finder's fee???

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oh dear - launching with a bad head on Sunday then Andy I look forward to sharing a few scoops with you on the Saturday night.

Ade - plenty of room for everyone I'm sure, I've booked seats for 24, ill take a register on the hill - if we do overspill Im sure we could book another table on the day (not peak season), they just wouldn't let me book more seats well in advance.

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Hope you better soon Pete, only met yah once last year, but know you are a font of knowledge.

We leaving at 4pm, so should be there by 9pm tomorrow evening. A4's batteries currently on charge...... Any one offer to test fly it for me?? On mode 1 if someone is prepared to give it a flight. (I've just not had enough 'stick time' so would appreciate someone getting it airborne for me).



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Well, I'm all set and ready to hit the road at lunchtime. I see we have quite a few guys missing unfortunately, but if the weather plays ball, who fancies another meet this year? Maybe 4th / 5th November (5th is my birthday!) or the weekend after - 11th / 12th? Either Orme or Cloud, I'm easy.

Also, I shall be on the Orme for the last day of 2017, and first of 2018, if anyone else is about yes

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