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I've crashed my EDF Venom!!

Colin Martin

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I've had this Ready2fly DH112 for some years and really enjoyed many flights with it. It is powerful enough to take off easily from grass and perform scale aerobatics. I believe that Ready2fly has been taken over by Freewing.


Here are the stats:


Wingspan    1500mm

Length         1100mm

Construction  EPO/carbon

Flying weight 2500 gm

Thrust            2400 gm

EDF                90mm

Motor             3553-1750kv

ESC                80amp brushless speed controller 5amp UBEC

Electric Ali retracts

Split flaps

Servos           9 x 9g high speed micro servos

Takes a 6S Lipo


Last week, on a rare lovely day, the port wing broke off after takeoff. The damage is surprisingly slight, mainly the wing securing studs and a compressed nose. I'm sure that the model is repairable but I don't feel up to doing it these days.


The onboard equipment and radio gear have survived the crash.


I'm hoping for some recommendations: 


I'm not into scratch building, would appreciate ideas for a replacement foamy EDF into which I can mount my gear. If anyone is interested in taking over the remains to renovate, we could come to some arrangement I'm sure.

Venom 002.JPG

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On 20/11/2023 at 22:52, SIMON CRAGG said:

Yes please, I have rejuvenated more basket cases than I care to remember. Please send me the details!.

Hi Simon,


Thanks for your interest. Are you thinking of renovating this sow's ear for your own use or to return to me as a silk purse?


Pictures of broken model below. Model details as my original post.





Venom booms.jpg

Venom cockpit.jpg

Venom nose from side.jpg

Venom noseleg.jpg

Venom Rx.jpg

Venom secure rear bracket and broken front bracket.jpg

Venom UBEC.jpg

Wing secure front bracket and broken rear bracket.jpg

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