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Oops ....... I've did it again ....... The Arrows 1800mm Husky

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As the title suggests ..... more retail therapy 


This time in the form of the Arrows Husky 1800mm wingspan 6S version.


Another nice big floaty foamie to add to the fleet to give me some choice until some of my other slightly more complicated balsa and IC come of age along with my experience.


Not a lot different from my current training victim the PA 1700mm span 4S Supercub. Slightly wider span by 100mm and of course working on a bigger battery pack.


My foamie choices now consist of the following


FMS PA supercub 1700mm 4S

Arrows Husky 1800mm 6S

FMS Beaver 2000mm 6S

Xfly Twin Otter  1800mm 6S

Xfly Tasman Bush plane 1500mm 3S


Plenty there to keep me going and probably the best options for a change in model ..... once I am past my A test and have flown the life out of the Supercub.


I need to unbox and check it over so there will be some pictures later. Should have done it yesterday but didn't have time and since my potential flying opportunity is off for tonight due to working on and gusting winds it will give me something to do .


That's it now .... the very last .....:classic_laugh:





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Ok .... a very quick unboxing to show the main idea of what comes with this ARTF kit.


As always ..... The big ... adrenaline ..... box of anticipation .....😄




and some of the box detail .....




and another ....




then we get set in about it with the main elements .....




that'll be one of the wings then .....




and the underside showing ready installed push rods, horns and servos. I did not remember to check but I am sure the hinges are the hidden mechanical type ..... too much of a rush.




the second wing which I did not bother unboxing .... its just the same but the other side and .......




it was the last part in the upper of the two box layers ......




destructions as usual ......




and a sheet informing of the vector stabilisation thats built in .....


As we go into the lower tier of the box ..... we continue with .......




vertical tail piece .....




The horisontal tail plane .... got it right this time " tail plane " not " piece " ..... plonker.




The supplied wooden prop .....




The spinner etc  ....




bag of accessories .......




The fuselage ...... not the best photo I must admit .....




with hatch off showing the inside battery compartment and the vector stabilisation unit.




The hatch itself ......




The under carriage .......




and my usual weapon ( Receiver ) of choice for most of my models ..... so far anyway ... ( please note a seperate purchase ).


and there we have it.


As I said ..... 1800mm wingspan ..... works with a 6S 4000mah battery ( seperate ) Has vector stabilisation and flaps... built in navigation lights, steerable tail wheel etc.


any other questions ..... feel free to ask.


cheers for now.



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Very nice plane to fly is the husky and never say its the last one Toto,,,, as Ive said the same many times but always find ways to squeeze jusyt that one more in somewhere......:classic_laugh:

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A little bit of an impulse buy Gary.


I saw it ..... then done the usual internet search for reviews .... which seemed good. I like the sise  and the fact that it was running a 6S.


I already had the required batteries which helped and obviously the required transmitters so it was just the model itself and my go too Spektrum AR 620 receiver.


It gives me choice when I pass my A test as I am looking to stay electric and make use of the easier foam nature of the ARTF's as everything is installed. You still have to set the model up and set your rates etc but a lot easier than getting servos installations etc correct when building the equivalent balsa  ply kits.


I have several of the balsa models but initially as I get my A test and start to experiment a bit with which models I use and introduce into my newbie fleet ...... I'll stick with electric ..... and the easier  pre installed foam range. You can still have loads of choice with what you can buy and add a bit of variance into you journey.


I must admit .... the last one statement must be becoming closer to a reality though ....... the shed is stowed out. 😄


cheers for now.



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  • 4 weeks later...

So ..... today is the day.


Some room freed up with the departure of my Domino to lands unknown. ( another newbie I believe ) at my club.


My camera is on charge for the usual photo fest of the assembly and it should be starting imminently.


switch off if you don't like foamie assemblies.


cheers for now and I'll be back later.



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All the parts unboxed .... not going through that again ....




fuselage on the stand ready to victimise.....




and the other stuff .......




all the stuff .... ready to go ....


now ..... the destructions ..... where are they ...





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So ..... found the destructions and made a start .....




all the screws and small stuff in my magnetic parts dish for safe keeping ....


and we start with the landing gear ....




to go in here .......




like so .....




with a plastic retainer and three screws to hold it in place.


the destructions move onto the installation of the wings next ....... but I don't .... I'm doing the elevator and rudder whilst I still have room to manouvre etc. the wings will come soon enough.




and here we are ...... the rear end of the fuselage where the horisontal and vertical stabilisors go ( tail plane ).




you offer the horisontal stab up first .... there is nothing to hold it in place at this time ......




you can see where the foam pillars on the vertical stab go through the horisontal stab and into the reccesses in the main fuselage .....




giving you the above arrangement. Its still only relying on the foam " keys " to hold the whole thing in place at this time .....




until you insert this screw into the top ......




and these two from the underside.


Dont forget to align the ruuder and steerable tail whell together when assembllng the foam parts together ..... its easy and pretty self explanitory.




as you may be able to see from the above .....




and now we are here.


I am leaving the prop and spinner off for now until I have the electrics installed and the servo's centred etc. Also prior to assembling the ridder and elevator push rods.


My next move will now be the installation of the wings so I can bind the receiver, and centre the servo's.


back soon.





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So ...... the wings .......




feed the wing brace in to position .... easy enough ....




here is the hole that the end of the wing strut goes into .....




and a hole is visible on the underside where a self tapping screw goes to grab into the strut ...




not impressed with having to mess around with that at the field ....




three sets of wires .... ailerons, flaps and I assume the black and red is for the wing lights ....




which go through here ......




to have a party with this lot .... Hmmmm




two further screws complete the fastenings to keep the wing on from the underside .....




to give this.


Now ..... on to making sense of this lot ....




and get this installed and fired up .....




back soon .... I think ....





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Not impressed at all.


the cables for the lights was so short that you struggled to connect them to the pre-installed gyro thingy.


I had to fight to get a couple of very short extension pieces fitted to make connection easier. The connector that comes out of the gyro is a 3 wire connector and the cable that goes to the lights is a 2 wire connector so the connection is not the best.


Not only that .... I'm on a roll now " The instructions are very specific on how you connect your receiver to their Gyro. It does not follow the TAER system. Never mind .... lets follow the instructions ...... and when you bind it all up ....... absolute chaos.


Apply the TAER principle ...... all works fine. Initially when I set up the plane to the transmitter, I chose the wrong type which did  not allow for Flaps. I changed that and everything is great. 


I have not attempted to set up the SAFE system yet ( through their gyro ) but from what I understand .... thats no bad thing as you are meant to bind and set up your model before you try to apply stabilisation.


So ..... guess what I'm doing tonight. .... Thank goodness for my mate John Smith ..... he stands by me through thick and thin. 


I need to connect the two push rods for the elevator and rudder before starting the SAFE set up so I'll do that first ( now that all the servo's have been centred etc then its on to the SAFE set up.


Wish me luck ..... I appear to be getting a better understanding of all these set up configurations.




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Little concerned with your last post Toto.


As PDB asked, should the lights not connect into the receiver?


Also you seem to be having doubles. AS3X and a gyro is going to be very interesting as they will BOTH be trying to correct the models flying. One or other - not both. If you have one - use a non SAFE receiver with the supplied gyro.


Reason for the connection issues TAER is that the instructions are written for non Spektrum transmitters which would most probably use AETR.

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@toto I'm pretty sure you've just changed a receiver to avoid having two gyro systems in another model......


Your friendly US to English translation service says:


Vertical Stabilizor - Fin

Horizontal Stabilizer - Tailplane


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Hi Andy / PDB


It's a Spektrum AR 620 which doesn't have any stabilisor or SAFE etc. Maybe I have not made that clear in my ramblings.


As far as the lights go ...... the labeling for the cables going directly into the Gyro are clear for channels 1 - 5 .... all the main control surfaces. BUT there was two connectors that came out of channel 6 which are not even referred to in the instructions that can only be for the two remaining cables that were the lights. No other option. 1. 2 wire connection coming from each of the wings. 


I connected them up and sure enough the lights now work. Everything seems OK. All surfaces work as they should and all the models lights work.


All I need to do is configure the models stabilisation now. 


Apologies if I'm not being clear enough.


I connected things up using a process of elimination connecting up the clearly marked connections first ..... that only left two sets of connections which had to be for each other.



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Hi Grumpy.... the change out was removing an AR 630 ( with stabilisation ) for an AR 620 which comes without stabilisation. ..... I have fitted the AR 620 to this model ( no stabilisation ) there will be no conflict.






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We were confused because you said you were "....moving on to set up the SAFE system..." I think SAFE is a trademark for Spektrum/Horizon Hobby, and seems to be built into lots of Spekky rxs.


Presumably the Arrows equipment provides stabilization (like AS3X), plus multiple angle limiting modes and panic recovery (like SAFE)...

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Posted (edited)

A friend has this, I recall it came with a stabilizer similar to the FMS Reflex system, that has different connections as well. Just fit your preferred brand of non gyro RX.


A test,  Beaver or Tasman all day

Edited by Frank Day
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14 minutes ago, GrumpyGnome said:

We were confused because you said you were "....moving on to set up the SAFE system..." I think SAFE is a trademark for Spektrum/Horizon Hobby, and seems to be built into lots of Spekky rxs.


Presumably the Arrows equipment provides stabilization (like AS3X), plus multiple angle limiting modes and panic recovery (like SAFE)...

Arrows stabilisation system is called Vector 👍

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I have connected an AR 620 with the Vector system. All seems OK.


The lights were a bit of a curved ball bit the process of elimination confirmed my suspicions with regards to unlabelled cables and terminations led me to determining lights connections.


Things are good so far ...... just need to configure the " vector " settings. 



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Not really. To be honest, I don't see myself using it .... but it's there. So it can be facilitated via a 3 way switch .... why not have it. 


I could just disconnect the one cable that goes between the Vector and the AR 620 and its gone. The Vector just acts as a through facility for the various control surfaces.


You have me thinking now ..... maybe I won't bother programming the Vector system.



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I do think it has its uses, I've just setup an Arrows hand launched EDF with Vector to see if its useful for the launch bit.


I've seen a few Huskys flying at our club, all owners have loved them and they have all removed/disconnected Vector. 

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14 hours ago, PDB said:

I do think it has its uses, I've just setup an Arrows hand launched EDF with Vector to see if its useful for the launch bit.


I've seen a few Huskys flying at our club, all owners have loved them and they have all removed/disconnected Vector. 

It's interesting how opinions on the Arrows edfs stability are.  Both me Viper and Hawk are siper simple and stable to launch - full beans, hard slightly up launch..... I can oftern leave them hands off from launch for up to 5 seconds.  


The T33 seems more challenging - 2 in the club, both with bent noses! Having said that, one has a fancy AS3X SAFE rx in it and still gives its owners the jitters on launch.

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