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  1. where do you get those extra fast Perma Grit sanding blocks from Ron? I could only get the ultra slow version. Probably needs an hardware upgrade πŸ˜ƒ
  2. I haven't received a form yet. I've been forgotten.πŸ€§πŸ˜­πŸ™„
  3. P47 61 inch for me. That would make it 1/8th scale. Razorback please
  4. Looking forward to the Tempest Richard. Should look great when its got its paint on.
  5. As Richard said upside down looks like hello dolly hands.
  6. Hi Bucks Iv'e spotted your deliberate mistake (sorry).
  7. Think about your future requirements. I realise that you are a beginner. Most common batteries are 3s & 4s 2200ma and upwards. Choice between 12v (will require power supply) or mains. Some chargers are dual input. I think that it should have a minimum of 2 outputs - less waiting to charge.
  8. Just one of the l/e sanding blocks 22hrs 22mins and 6o metres of material. I'm sure Rons will be a lot more economical. Any chance of your stl's Ron
  9. Geoff, looks a nice build. I build their 98" Sinbad. The instructions weren't much better. Model does fly well though.
  10. Is there going to be dissent in the ranks?
  11. A new Christmas read. I'm surprised that the Hurricane hasn't been mentioned. It was the workhorse of the BOB.
  12. The best way that I have found over the years is to join the wings and apply bandage, When dry cut out the area where the dowel goes. get 1/2" balsa and drill hole for dowel and glue. insert into former, align wing and cut balsa length to fit cutout of wing and glue in to wing cutout. One big advantage to this method is that you get perfect alignment of wing in all axises. Plus you are creating a weak point that is easily repairable.
  13. If they are wellies , should be some knee pads to go with themπŸ˜€
  14. Ron, I thought that we may see dolly in action. It would be interesting
  15. Got to see and hold Richards fw190 yesterday. I have to say that it looks very good in the flesh, light and strong. Certainly looking forward to getting hold of one of these beauties. Also thanks Richard for showing us how to add simple weather effects, they bring the model alive.
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