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RC IC Engines, you've probably never heard of.

Paul Marsh

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I bet there are many IC engines, that most would never have heard of. Even copies of OS/SC types, or only available in some countries.

I'm going to kick off with the most famous of the "unknowns" - many of you would have heard of "Mutunuc".

There was a 40, 61,65 and 80, and so far only have 2 or three of the 61's and 65. two are in models, three are new in boxes.

mutunuc (2).jpg

mutunuc (5).jpg

mutunuc (1).jpg

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I have 300 plus engines spare on the shelf and 200 in a random box, just used 2 up this week on new builds, anyway.

Ok next one, who has heard of "G" engines? Looks like a OS 46 AX, and runs well. Bought it in a model and the other OS 46 was £5 including the model, but needed clean and bearings, the" G" engine runs really well and flew it last year.

gengine (3).jpg

osand g engines46.jpg

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Presumably some of these are out of the same Chinese or other Far-Eastern factory, and 'Badge Engineered' to suit the distributor.
As I understand it SC, ASP and Magnum were all from the same source, Sanye. SC were sold via Perkins to the UK and Commonwealth countries, ASP were initially sold by Indy R/C in the USA and later by Horizon.

Other 'makes' you could include are:

Bluebird, distributed by MFA

Flash or FLH (around the time Thunder Tiger first arrived on these shores)


J'EN - Just Engines 'own brand'

Were Mutunuc ever get sold in the UK officially? The ones I have were £20 in a plastic bag 'pig in a poke' from SMC at Sandown.

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Moving away from the Chinese and Taiwanese engines, how about these three from Italy?

Cipolla - various sizes in the 1970s & 80s, they still making model car engines by the looks of it.

Kosmik sold by Micromold (as far as I can recall).

Como - Como was initially a Super Tigre engine built for control line aerobatics (stunt) but then sold with an R/C carb. Unusally for a stunt engine it had Schneurle porting.

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How about Master Engines from Russia? Master Motors - Russia

Meteor Engines in 40 & 60 sizes from her in the UK in the mid to late 1970s

Ueda Engines from Japan in the 1960s and 70s

Phil Kraft, the R/C manufacturer and designer of the Super-Fli, Bar-Fli and Ugly Stick in the USA did his own Kraft 61.

I assume we are only doing two stroke glow engines, otherwise the list starts getting quite long with the various four strokes from Magnum (UK), Powermax, Kalt, Kavan and so on; not to mention all the two stroke weedwacker and chainsaw petrol engine conversions (Quadra, Tartan, Fox (from Italy) US Engines etc.).

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A few years back, I had an "AirSupply" .40 engine in a helicopter. I believe it was made in Japan.

I tried it on my usual 16% nitro heli fuel, and it didn't like it at all! Switched to straight (no nitro), and it ran like a turbine! Unusual, as Japanese engines usually like their nitro....!



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I once had a Japanese HGK 15. Nice looking & seemed well made but it would only run for a couple of minutes before overheating, losing revs then dying. Tried running for in ages on a variety of props & fuel combos to no avail. The construction was interesting, cylinder was thick aluminium mono-bloc construction with the fins cast on the outside with a chrome plated bore - AAC.
Other engines in the range were said to be good reliable performers but the 15 was a dog.

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