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RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI

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Now you're talking Mr F. hopefully can clear build backlog and join you. Simon (Your SE5a supplier) built one not long ago, in camo markings. I like the silver but how and what way I do nor know, heard people having trouble with the silver tex. What change to turn it into a Nimrod , for obvious reasons cool

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Thank you for your kind answer, Danny.

I have found a 1:48 Fury Mk1 in a Dutch model shop with cheaper rates & postage than Amazon.

@ John / OT > much obliged with your compliments regarding the Bella Ballerina, but I project this can be a totally 'different' kind of challenge though... No problems regarding the covering as I will have time to practice with my next Svenson Vicomte winter build, but I'm really more concerned about that 'metalworking' & those litho parts involved...

But you're totally right, Danny, it would be a splendid occasion to "push the limits" a 'large' bit.

So, you can count me in, Sir. I just hope it will be an EP-version Class as well?




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Lovely aeroplane, not sure about the persian version though, I'd love to have a go but not sure if my building skills will be up to it. I am going to have a go at a 1/6th scale Sopwith Pup over the winter so will decide then......

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i'm going to join in on this subject.

Love the plane,love bi planes.

I already have the plan and have just ordered a book ..Hawker Fury and Nimrod by Alex Crawford which has excellent colour walkround pictures and history and diagrams.

Danny ,is this project going to be full scale detail?

I hope so as i'm looking forward to learn lots and also,learn to be patient in the building process.


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Dad told me that in air shows at Hendon before the war he had seen three Furies flown with their wings tied together about ten feet apart, flown a full aerobatic routine and then landed with the cord intact. Incredible.

Having said that, I wouldn't describe it as the RAF's best biplane fighter, the Gauntlet and Gladiator were both better, but it was certainly the best looking.

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It seems a wonderful project......but what about trying out the new skills needed first? Maybe Danny could do a Masterclass on using litho so builders could have a try at that first? And then something on bending up struts & u/c to precise sizes. With the knowledge that the tricky parts are possible it would be easier to just keep going at the long hard work with balsa & ply stuff.

( I tried working with lithoplate after reading Brian Peckham's article decades ago. It was much easier and more satisfying than it seemed - just scissors and spoons as tools! Nothing like real metalwork at all. Don't be put off by litho work. Getting the raw material is the only hard part)

What size ic or electric motor is expected to be needed? Another point is will it be possible to transport the finished model rigged! What size car is capapble of transporting this rigged or in parts?

As for transforming a most beautiful biplane into a radial engined ugly duckling just because you have a spare Saito radial hanging around ......... !!! Go electric David!

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Posted by kc on 10/07/2017 10:15:33:


As for transforming a most beautiful biplane into a radial engined ugly duckling just because you have a spare Saito radial hanging around ......... !!! Go electric David!

My mistake KC, a working scale model of a piston-engined 30's biplane should obviously be powered by an electric motor!

If we are talking ugly, what about a Fairey Flycatcher? I actually have the old BT plans for that.Related image


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Posted by Mike Etheridge 1 on 08/07/2017 22:26:37:

I assume these photos include the Hawker Fury ? The first two pictures are from Duxford and the other from Brooklands.

duxford 14-08-2011 102.jpg

duxford 14-08-2011 105.jpg

p2050020.jpg Brooklands

Hi Mike

The one with the yellow markings is a Hawker Nimrod II carrier fighter. It has a tail hook just visible beneath the rear fuselage. The cabane struts look different from those of the Fury and I think it has slightly swept-back wings. I believe that there are a fair number of other differences between the two such that a straightforward change in paint scheme from Fury to to Nimrod wouldn't be sufficient for a totally scale representation.

The Nimrod I was closer to the Fury with straight wings so might not be a difficult conversion if anyone wanted to go that route.

Still, we're on Furies in this thread so I'd better apologise for being such a pedant and get me coat on wink


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Sorry David! Just joking.

There are so many other brutal looking radial engine jobs to model that it seems extreme to change a Fury to it's ugliest version. Planes with uncowled radials and bits hanging out everywhere have a purposeful charm of their own while the sleek inline ones are just so elegant. However it does seem to me that this model is a natural for electric power. Am I alone in thinking this model with a slim nose would suit electric rather well?

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KC, Your comments were taken in the spirit intended. Perhaps my response came across as too negative. I do fly electric and I/C but do think a good four stroke sounds better in my scale models. I also find the braking effect of the prop turning over at tick-over helps with landing.

Actually, I rather liked the idea of joining the mass build, but prefer radial engine planes. I was already toying with the idea of building an Avro Tutor (D. Bryant); Gladiator B.T.), Fairey Flycatcher (B.T.) or Gloster Gamecock (Gordon Whitehead) from plans. All these models are around the 60 inch size. So, Danny's post about the got me thinking.

However, it can't be deni​ed that the Persian Fury is much less attractive to look at than the standard Fury. Still, maybe worth considering??



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By your bunks chaps Gordon is watching us! Not sure we are up to your standards but it would be fun if you can follow along and gently shove us in the right direction, myself included. I am not really a biplane person, not having built that many.

As to this Fury being full on scale? I cannot say no, as I do not seem capable of avoiding adding more detail than I should embarrassed This is more of a "how to" than a "mass build" And mine will be electric.

But I may well experiment with silk over tissue for a chuckle, with torn rib tapes. Formed lith I have done but never polished.

We are back into the glassboard hinge game, if anybody wants me to get some parts cut then i am sure the lovely people at SLEC would help out again.

While talking about parts, I had a really nice email from Craig at Traplet, and I hope I am not letting the cat out of the bag prematurely, but he has mentioned possibly 20 percent off the plan parts and cowl set! This is really generous of them. However you must place the order by phone and mention the RCM&E Masterclass.

I am really looking forward to this build and learning from some of the more seasoned modellers. I am certainly hoping others will lead the way on piano wire bending, I seem to bend three bits to get one!!

Chocks away!

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I have heard from Craig and the deal is done. He has kindly expanded the discount to include the three view drawing 2727.

So if you want to order a set, which includes plan, cowl, spinner and laser cut parts (no strip wood or sheet as far as I know, I have asked for confirmation).

"SET3453 (SET)

2727 (3 view)

Quoting 20% discount for the joint build."

I will be ordering mine this afternon so I can start absorbing the plan.

Just a note: I have noticed that the plan is available online, I will not be using it as it is not ethical nor legal. The designer worked hard to produce the plan. So I would hope that all of us would respect that and purchase an authorised version.

Chocks away


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Okay my parts are ordered.

If you want to order you must do so by phone.

If you order at the moment they have a sale on, Craig has agreed to knock 20 percent of the sale price which is again very good of him, so get in early

You do not have to buy everything Craig will discount what you do go for.

To be clear these are the individual numbers:

SKU: MW3453 Plan
SKU: WP3453 Wood pack, just the cut items, no stripwood or sheet
SKU: CF3453CL Cowl
SKU: CS3453SET Alloy Spinner
2727 Line Drawing
The first 4 are included in this set
SKU: SET3453
Craig also does sheet wood, but until we have looked at the plan I cannot give an accurate quantity of what will be needed.
Chocks away
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Posted by Tony Bennett on 11/07/2017 14:11:03:

sorry Danny but i will be designing my own version for Depron.

i would still like to watch and hopefully pick up some techniques from the experts.

Tony (Depron) B

Not a problem at all Tony. The idea is to lead those that would otherwise struggle or that are not confident to tackle a scale model of this ilk. You my friend will be showing us I am sure.

Great to have you on board

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