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Don Lewis' and Denis Bryant Percival Gull Six.

jan brilman

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On the Bryant plan I’m starting the centre section of the wing,but I’m not using the 1/16 ribs I fly from grass so I’m going to beef up all of this part of the wing.  I’ll make the ribs from 1/8 balsa with 1/16 ply doublers but 1/8 ply doublers on the centre and outer ribs. These will be much stronger for the undercarriage bearers. As for the undercard bearer I’m going to beef it up to 1 inch by 3/8 ply . I’ve done this before and it works believe me. I’ll stick a picture on when done

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Underside of the centre section . Two bolts at the back and 2 dowels at the front. You can see on this picture the 1/4 ply plate running  the full width of the centre section. Strong and makes it easier to replace the U.C.  Onto the outer wing panels now.


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Nearly finished the Gull I’ve done it in the colour scheme of the aero plane Alex Henshaws father bought. They used it to map out the route that Alex used on his record flight to the Cape in his Mew Gull. Model is finished in Oratex white with Tamiya nato green XF67

for the lettering and the stripe. Their plane was in fact a Vega Gull but hey. I’ve some more work to do on the undercarriage but she should be flying in spring.



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Found your thread, very nice to see a finished model.

I am building a Gull 4 and will probably use G-ACGR as a subject as it is so well documented.

I found mine in a sale at the LMA Gaydon event, first picture below.

No tail, Ailerons or flaps and no cowl. Mounting for a Zenoh 38 is present, I shall start with a Laser 180 and hope that will be enough.

It was actually started by Auther Searl but must be 30-40 years old.

I bought the Dennis Bryant plan from Sarik that is about 75" . My carcase has 114" span so is 3.7 scale,

I can put critical parts and outlines through my A3 printer, enlarge 151% and get quite a good outline.

    I ripped out some Groupner blade style wing joiners and installed a Mick Reeves Spitfire tube to get the 5deg on the outer panels.

Currently working on the Flap boxes, On the F/S these fold up and over to allow the wing to fold. My wings will fold but only when i remove the wing tube.


Most of my builds are on RCSB with more detail

small IMG_06754559smallIMG_0675.JPG

small IMG_07284561smallIMG_0728.JPG

small IMG_07194570smallIMG_0719.JPG

small IMG_07144545smallIMG_0714.JPG

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