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Radio active manufacturing

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Radio active manufacturing, who made and supplied many many  bits and bobs for RC modeling, planes, boats, cars etc , like tanks, wheels, control horns and clevis etc. Etc. Etc ...

, Have they gone to the wall as in closed down, gone out of business, please ??


hope not as they do/did other stuff to slec ( sun lane eng. Co. ).

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6 minutes ago, Eric Robson said:

Don't know for sure but that website was last updated in 2008.

Out of date websites seem to be a regular occurrence in the modelling world, Radio Active products are stocked and available from a lot of online retailers.

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As someone "in the know" I can tell you that Radio Active have now relocated to North Yorkshire (God's county).

This was fairly recent, so they are still settling in, with manufacturing at an early stage.

I don't know if they will be retailing through their old website or not, but their components are still available through many online retailers and model shops.

When I find out more I will report back.

I didn't realise how many products they actually produce !

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Thanks chaps, yes seen that online catalogue but cannot see how to order stuff etc details.


I used to get stuff from them mail order....


Will try that phone number Monday. I have an old hard copy catalogue and see that balsa cabin stock some of their stuff. Cannot find the screw on to threaded rod aileron clevis "Elliot"...as separate items.....


Also needing some RC boat stuff shortly which I know they used to do....

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Radio active are a side shoot of Jotika with the latter being more focused on marine, and RA on aviation. To my knowledge they have never dealt direct with customers and only deal with the trade (ripmax etc) so you will have to source their gear through a shop. 

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Logic RC are distributors for Radio Active products.


Their website lists their products. I don’t think they supply directly but they can be bought through model shops or ebay. I recently bought a few packs of their metal pin hinges from an ebay seller.


The Logic RC website page where Radio Active products are listed is here:





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Nice one RR....


Parts of interest/need are frca135, or similar size, but other stuff will be chased at the same time.


Thanks, much appreciated...


I am a bit surprised the likes of slec etc. don't stock these as the other similar/related stuff is probably made by RAM anyway.


I had a good look on slec and balsa cabin but could not find these parts.

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Just had a brief chat with radioactive manufacturing on the phone.


Yes, on line catalogue still relevant ( apart from prices ) and active, so I can order direct from them again. Thank you God, and radioactive.


New up to date catalogue coming in the new year by the sounds of things, so hopefully your favourite model shop ( mail order ) will hold good stocks of Radioactive manufacturing products.


Lots of the needed bits and bobs/ hardware to make a model plane fly, car control and boat sail about etc..


Good news 

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