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Vape Batteries

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Found this on YT thought it might be useful for indoor flyers although I'd be careful which end I picked up😝

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I know nothing about Vaping but I assume that what's been shown is a 'disposable Vape'? One shot and then mostly chucked on the floor with other smoking related detritus.

Presumably there's no incentive to recycle properly such as a returnable deposit? The larger instruments that I see people sucking on and producing vast clouds of vapour over everyone around them......... are they run on rechargeable batteries and refilled with goodness knows what concoction of chemicals?

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Can't say I've ever seen any vape detritus in the street, but then, I don't wander around town or city streets very much.  I gave up smoking over 50 years ago, and that was hard enough. I wonder what the ultimate aftermath of vaping will be?


Having said that, it can't be a bad thing to salvage something from the street rubbish and make good use of it, as Wingman is doing.

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Phil Green has been making great use of those disposable vape lipos. I've only seen one myself, on the floor next to the postbox and picked it up in a plastic bag, to break it down in the workshop, where it yielded a single cylindrical 180mah lipo, midway in size between a AA and an AAA NiMh cell. Haven't used it yet.

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