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The future of ic engines in our hobby.

kevin b

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PDB - that's what I've been using in my PAW 1.49 RC for running in - didn't have much success with the D1000 fuel at first, specified for running in smaller engines and was advised to try the D2000 formulation, which worked much better. The engine hasn't been used yet, as my indoor running in activities were curtailed after running just a few tanks through it by commencement of some building works. It'll be warm enough soon to complete the running in out of doors. The model is ready and waiting to have the engine installed.

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1 hour ago, PDB said:





Available as linked above by @leccyflyer at Leeds Model Shop.


Model Technic is now owned by Opti-Global ( Optifuel )


Model Technics Diesel is made by Model Shop Lees under licence fron Opti-Global


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Stumbled across this pic of my Cox Diesel Bee bought new from Xenolook (now Cox International), nailed to the front of a Dick Stouffer 'Simplex' 

This was maybe 3 years back. The engine was about £30 IIRC with the heavy duty crank option:



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