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  1. While as others have said on here a steerable nose-leg makes ground handling a lot easier - it is by no means necessary. A lot of Bullets and Tornado's I have seen have fixed nose-legs. From personal experience if you are using a steerable one a standard servo with nylon gears is asking for stripped gears at some point, so either use a servo saver, a servo with metal gears (whether you use the rudder servo or a separate one for the nose-leg).
  2. Tbh there are a number of good quad chargers about GT Power X4 is one example if you want AC mains or 12v DC input, 4max have a couple including the aforementioned. One aspect to consider though is what if the charger fails then you are down 4 charge outputs. Often some people opt to buy two dual output chargers so that if one fails they still can charge and / or replace faulty charger with another dual output one. Essentially you pays your money and you make your choice.
  3. Flying and instructing at my club whenever the weather (which seems to have been either pretty windy this spring/summer or wet) permits. Flying Wot 4, Dave Smith Models Merlin, Simprop Excel, FMS Piper Cub, Decathlon, P51 or Ryan STA - whatever is to hand when I load the car.
  4. Great seeing all the clubs efforts in support of the attempt. Colchester MAC managed to got 22 models in the air for the attempt despite the efforts of the weather (why oh why could we have not had the weather we had on the Saturday). Great fun was had by all. What was encouraging was we had members ranging from about 15 to well in their 80's flying, and of fairly new experience as model pilots to some who have most of their life. Regardless all were very happy and pleased to have played their part, and all models survived the attempt.
  5. Good luck to everyone participating tomorrow and let's also take a moment to reflect how far model flying has progressed too.
  6. John, the designer was EJ Webster of Keil Kraft fame originally. Boddo revisited the plan design in the 90s and iirc he tweaked it and rescaled it also.
  7. Totally agree with you Cuban8, and Harry Brooks now that is a name from my early modelling years past as a young Sussex lad. I have to admit much as online can be easy, there is nothing like routing through a traditional model shop. Probably they suffer from fewer modellers and hence the social gravitational pull as much as the competition of the bulk online discounters. Where I live now in Essex I am at least lucky that I have A1 Models, Balsa Cabin a d a couple a little further afield, but we have in recent times lost a few too.
  8. William not 100% sure if you are referring to the Sonata glider or the Sonata E electric glider variant. However, I am sure if you give Balsa Cabin a call, and their number and website are easily googled, they can probably help you out. They have always been very helpful over the years.
  9. The Mini Super is a great little flier, not quite as stable as its bigger brother but only to be expected being a smaller model, but the performance is pleasant and forgiving enough. I have a soft spot for the Keil Kraft and Veron designs of the day. I quite fancy building another and have the plans when I get time. Having built a Super 60 before and enjoyed that very much. Although many years ago not long after Instarted rc flying at a Hastings club auction I got a Super 72 that was a scaled up 60 built to fly across the channel, which it had done successfully. So hope that kind of gives some background of the pedigree of the design family.
  10. Simon Piece of Cake is on You Tube should you want to see it. I saw it a while back. Some of the scenes for the flying was done from a friend of mine's farm on the Downs near Beachy Head.
  11. The Mini Super makes a great model if you have not done much building before, and a great model to modify to add ailerons. Just reduce wing dihedral by half.
  12. Having had other Pete Nicholson Design models Ie Balsacraft, such as Bearcat, Hurricane and FW190 with the first two built originally as Speed 600BB brushed motors 2400 nicads, that were subsequently modified to 3536 brushless power and 3s2200 lipo power. The performance difference was such the FW was built with brushless at the outset. A twin3536 motor and esc with twin 3s 2200 would be a cheap effective solution with good performance for sure.
  13. I have same comments and experience from trying to clean off the pigment as Andy Stephenson. The staining is not much of an issue if the pigment is light such as white or yellow but if red, dark blue or black can be visible certainly if the new covering is light in colour. Sometimes after using thinners I have found a light sanding of the airframe helps.
  14. Had numerous Enya engines and used Modwl Technics GN5 andxalso Duraglo 10 and Dynaglo 10 with no issues, but found the Duraglo gave the best performance if that helps, although I know Southern Modelcraft also make suitable fuels.
  15. Hi Roy, I shall await the article with interest. In the interim I shall ask around the club. Bowman's as was Galaxy were local. It is important to try to save or resurrect some of these designs where possible as they played an important part in this country's rc aeromodelling history and are fun. Regards Paul
  16. David/Roy my club is not far from Ipswich and we have a membership that stretches back over time. If you are eager for a plan I am pretty sure someone will have one. The other source you might find one is a shout for help from Hastings 1066 MFC who used to have a couple of members who were into Bowman's kits. Such a shame Bowmans and Galaxy are no more. It might be worth asking Pegasus Models if they have any knowledge, I know they are producing some of the Galaxy models. Regards Paul
  17. I like the 148s and 3001S but there are some very good alternatives. As Nick Cripps said the Savox is a very good alternative and would use that.
  18. I would agree with Andrew Calcutt's comments tbh from personal experience. With the state of the world currently regardless of modelling or other goods I would check first, not least because there are some real issues with supply or manufacturing of goods. That said I ordered goods from SMC week before last that were supplier stock and they were with me in 5 days using Royal Mail. I have used KLM before pandemic with no issues.
  19. It must be an age thing as since my youth and oily diesel and glow free flight and control line models being replaced by rc, that in the last couple of years I have had a yearning for them once more. What is perhaps sad is the fact that good old DC engines - my favourite as a teenager are no more and few and far between. Let's bring back the Good Old Days.
  20. Good video and flying session Steve. I was on holiday in Porthtowan last year and with St Agnes Head and Perranporth both are great sites to fly from.
  21. I have used Correx for ic and electric models as well as a slope soarer. It is heavier than Depron so it is out for small or lightly loaded aircraft. Great for flying wings and is strong.
  22. I went with my Son Saturday and tbh we enjoyed it. The weather was superb and relocation to the top end I think worked a treat. While I would agree it was not on the scale of some past events, it was a brilliant experience considering we are still fighting our way out of a pandemic that effectively stopped shows for some 18 months and people are also having to be wary. Top mark's to all concerned with the show from pilots, traders, organisers and spectators as it was as close to being back to some normality. It also gave people the chance to catch up with old friends. I would agree that while we see the wow factor models it would be good to see some diversity with some of our more standard models that we see around our clubs too, and maybe a few fun slots. All that said I still think it was a great day out with my Son who added several more models to his wishlist.
  23. Yes Jon I would be interested to hear how you get on. Must be something about dear old Vic's designs I have been looking at building a couple one as free flight and one as RC and been looking at Tomboy, Ballerina and a Mamselle.
  24. I was all set to go flying this afternoon and evening and typically it rained an hour before I was due to go there in not so sunny Essex.
  25. I12fly your comments are the main reason why since the mid 70s having used Futaba gear all that time that I decided to stop buying Futaba. There are so many protocols really ever since 35 FM. Then it meant getting different rx Crystal's but since 2.4GHz there has been more proliferation in protocols. This is why more people have moved to Spektrum and other manufacturers. Its nothing to do with quality but people fed up keep investing in new receivers for all their models.
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