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  1. Coming good Toto, deserve it. 😉
  2. Personally I would keep the noise down, seems relationship between the two site users is fine, club made it's position clear it takes safety serious.
  3. Our relationship with our landlord, Doncaster Council has been faultless, I think it's over 40 years we've been there, every request we've made, night flying, camping, help via funding has been granted, couldn't have wished for better.
  4. Do what's right Rocker, if some don't have the clubs best interest first, they're not worth having.
  5. Free entry/camping. Food/drinks. Onsite loo. Night flying. No certs required, proof of insurance please. John 07934689317. http://www.donvalleymfc.co.uk/contact us.html Start 9-10 ish.
  6. I.C will make some mess on your model, tuned well and on good fuel, plus careful thought on the exhaust, It isn't an off putter to me, it's a down side to I.C, there are plus sides also.
  7. If flying on kart days presents a danger to the karters, worrying who carrys the can if it goes pear shaped is secondary.
  8. NHA is owners initials, L I believe is year made, coincides with number plates. Someone more knowledgable will identify size for you.
  9. Welcome to the forum Graham. Any pictures off the model ?
  10. A blog from before my time on here, good read, cheers Linds and BEB.
  11. An oldish Pitts SB-4, from who I dunno, nice though.
  12. This is good stuff Giles, much better price also. https://www.rapidrcmodels.com/rapid-rc-cover-film-282-c.asp
  13. Plenty comments as usual, small petrols are rubbish, blah blah. My NGH is 17cc, loadsa grunt, never failed, seems to be another user here. They're noisey ? aye and the bigger 2 stroke glow are not ? Some 4 strokes fail the 82 db test. For the record, again. Using I.C can bring noise issues, IF the user doesn't take steps to address it, it ain't a new thing.
  14. Hi Jon and welcome to the forum, you have a price for the model ?
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