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  1. If you look on the Spektrum website at the AR630, then follow the link to support and downloads, there's a preset download for the Apprentice 1.2m. Wouldn't have thought it's going to be that different, although it may deal with the beginner/intermediate/experienced modes differently. Kim
  2. Have you left the bind plug in? Sounds like the rx could be in bind mode Kim
  3. What is your low value set to? If the esc thinks it's not at zero, maybe it won't arm. Kim Eta some esc's need a value in excess of-100 to arm
  4. Quoting the consultant I was under for recent treatment "covid has been used as an excuse to hide systemic laziness in some areas of the NHS". Personally, I couldn't possibly comment. My sincere best wishes for your continued recovery, Matty Kim
  5. The trick would be to get someone with a Gen2 or newer 'airware' radio to download the settings, then you can use the AR630 in the normal way. Or use a Lemon, as suggested, although the latest ones won't do self levelling, IF that's what you're after. Kim
  6. Hi Digger, It's a (retrospectively named) Gen1 DX8 I don't think that it's possible to update the firmware, others may know different. You should be able to use it with a pre programmed AR630 rx but you won't be able to do 'forward programming' with it. Hth Kim Eta looks like Gary knows more about the upgrade situation, but I'm pretty sure about the rest.
  7. I fly my Riot on 3s3200 lipos and find it flies very nicely. Not fast by any means, but with the throws increased, very maneuverable. Tbh they're a bit of a brick, so going fast is never going to be its strong suit. Others may well disagree, of course. Kim
  8. Waterhouse & Eley Superfly perhaps? Sorry, on my phone ATM, so can't search for a picture. Kim Eta just noticed that you'd discounted the Superfly - please ignore 😚
  9. In my experience, it's important to have a metre or more distance between the tx and rx when binding the RX8R. They're also prone to swamping if you're too close to the model when testing/setting up, giving nuisance 'telemetry lost ' announcements. I've heard that the uni firmware doesn't do this - Mike?? Kim
  10. I've set some aileron differential on mine, from memory about 1.5 times as much up deflection as down. This makes it turn in a more balanced way by decreasing the tendency for adverse yaw. Or use the rudder 😀 Kim
  11. I can't remember which sim you've got, Toto, but in mine (Phoenix V6) there is a setting called (iirc) 'keep ground in view'. Maybe yours has it too, or something like it. For me, that overcomes the issue I think you're describing of effectively getting 'lost' and losing the orientation between the 'plane and the strip / field. I'm back on the sim now myself, because 1. I've only been able to fly my 'planes once since the beginning of December, due to weather mainly. And 2. Having reached my 'three score years and ten' I've just bought my first helicopter (a nib but very old Blade 400) and need to practice before committing aviation with it. What could possibly go wrong?? 😱 Kim
  12. I have used a few Lemon Rx, both stabilised and conventional flavours. Have I had an unexplained crash - yes - but the Tx was later found to be faulty, so in retrospect, I don't think that the Lemon was at fault. Now that I have a new (multi protocol) Tx, I may well dig it out of the drawer (I never throw anything away - why?) and give it a thorough check before trying it out on a cheap foamy. I would have no hesitation in using Lemon rx in the future, the Gen2 stabilised in particular, but will probably also use an additional satellite rx, particularly in larger planes. Also the Lemon Rx designer is active over on the RCGroups forum (username fmak) and he seems very pro-active if there is any chance of a faulty unit, which does inspire some confidence. Kim p.s. I'm also thinking of getting a Lemon tx module for my Taranis, to use it as a back up to my Radiomaster TX16S Mk2 on the DSMX protocol 'just in case'
  13. It'll probably be a 'wrap' - the image screen printed on to self adhesive vinyl. Looks good nonetheless. Kim
  14. Don't know what happened there-lost all of the long post that went with it Anyway it's a Nordec 10cc out of a rtp racing car as raced by my dad back in the day. The Nordec was produced in Whyteleafe in Surrey and was a copy of the McCoy of the time. This is a very rate (possibly unique) Mk2 Team Special which was a serious redesign and had much more power. I rescued it from my dad's shed after he passed away and hope one day to get it running. Kim
  15. How big are the oxo cubes you buy? This unit is nearly 1.5" square. You undermine any argument you are trying to make by posting nonsense such as this.
  16. I'd find a Sea Fury difficult to ignore, as my dad was on these when he was in the FAA, and they've also been a favourite on the airshow circuit.😎 Similarly, a Beaufighter would be another I'd struggle to pass over, as my friend / mentor when I first started r/c back in the late 70's flew them during WW2. I can see why the layout could be a problem, though. Keeping a watching brief..................................................... kim
  17. I thought he wasn't allowed anything sharp, or the nurse gets nervous. But seriously, I'd love one of these - nearly finished my Spitfire and will need something to do with my hands!! Hopefully I can re-organise some funds when the time comes. Kim
  18. All I can add is that the invoice related to my recent order clearly shows the prices as being 'including tax' and the correct amount for a VAT element is shown separately at the bottom, as required by law in this country, I believe. There is NO question in my mind that there is any kind of skulduggery going on, my guess is that the UK address is some kind of bonded warehouse, where the necessary systems are in place to pay the taxes due on the items as they pass through. Kim
  19. Still showing as available on Banggood, but tbh I've always been nervous about ordering from them. I do really want to get one of these, though. I'll take on board the experience suffered by Brian as well as your observations regarding Jumper quality issues. There is a Radiomaster external 4 in 1 module which sometimes seems to be available also, although until now I'd assumed that all of them were badge engineered and made in the same factory - maybe not! Kim
  20. Have you tried clicking on SBUS, to see if it opens up a sub menu of protocols? As I said before, I'm as in the dark as you. Bad show from Jumper, having out of date info on the website (just checked, it's still showing the 'old' type). Kim
  21. Hi Brian, Has the module got a rotary selector switch on it, and if so is it set to '0'. This allows the tx to communicate with the module via Serial connection. Kim Beyond that, I'm stumped. e.t.a. I'm interested in the outcome / operation of the above combo, as I'm considering getting a MPM to fit in my own X9D+ 2019 as a backup for my Radiomaster TX16S MkII
  22. IF it's the 'Lite' version with the built up wing - I built one of these (still have it but converted to electric power) and fitted an ASP61 4/. It flew it very nicely indeed, easily enough for me, although I'm no aero whizz. If it's the original kit with foam wing, then maybe a .70 or more, but the weight will be creeping up if you go much bigger. Kim eta forgot to say, I used 12x6 or 12x8 prop on the .61, sorry, cant remember which.
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