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  1. Same here. Mine are in the battery bay. Steve
  2. I have office for the web. From their help. 'Haven't subscribed or purchased Office yet? Not a problem. You can use Office for the web for free to create Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint decks.' Since I retired, I have no use for it though. Steve
  3. 365 is for the office apps which I don't use as there are free versions, like MS Mail if that's what it's called. Steve
  4. Sounds like me. After maiden I realised no sticker, fortunately on my own so no written warning, so applied one from my stock I always carry with me. We all make mistakes which to me are best treated as unintentional oversights. Steve
  5. User manual Futaba T16SZ (English - 183 pages)
  6. These? https://jettstreamuk.co.uk/electron-retracts
  7. BTW in Kevin's post this is a link to the same video. I know the normal convention is for links to be highlighted with blue writing, why this forum uses the underline has always puzzled me. The old way was to use the link icon dialogue. I find the process easier and better to simple paste the copied address directly into the text editor, which is what I did above, then it's obvious it's a video link. Just trying to help with using the forum. Steve
  8. Their business model is lease/rental which, if anything like in construction, they will rent as many as you want and once delivered you will get a monthly rental bill. Simple so I rent 1000 say and get a bill every month it's up to me to keep account of how many I have because I will continue to get a bill for 1000. I realise 100 have gone missing and need more so I order another 100 I will now get a bill for 1100. Clever bit is if I tell them 100 were stolen then I get a one-off bill for the replacement cost and from then on, a monthly bill for 1000. It does not matter how long I have had the originals for and how much over their value I have paid in rental I will still get a bill for replacement cost. Which makes me think the more that are stolen the happier they will be. Which brings us to the stolen ones, everyone they collect goes into stock to be rented out, maybe to whom it was stolen from. Could they send a courier to collect them? even if there is only one. I would have thought CHEP customers would be big users, like supermarkets, who use them in their thousands, who replace them in large quantities with delivery charge added on. I am thinking this is a smart business model which must have made a few millionaires out of the simple concept of renting out pallets, now why didn't I think of that? Steve
  9. CHEP own the pallets and maintain them, they rent or lease to companies like supermarkets for example where after each delivery empty pallets are collected and returned to their warehouse to be reused. I have seen them escape this loop in the past, they are very well made intended for multiple round trips. Anyone not renting is handling stolen goods which explains why How they escape the loop is something I have wondered about for a long time. Steve
  10. Everything you need to know. What can I do with blue pallets? (chep.com) Steve
  11. John just added £50, it always was Hobbykink. Steve
  12. Click Notification Settings. At the bottom. On the right is what you want. Steve
  13. Click the bell on top RH side.
  14. I have learned a lot from this topic, which is why I joined this forum, manufacturers did supply for 4x1.5v packs and 4x1.2 Nicad packs which is taking me a long way back. This meant that servos were either designed for 4.8v or 6.0v power supplies and obviously they used the nominal battery voltages as everyone did. The servos had the design nominal voltage on the label to indicate which battery technology to use and the manual covered both versions. Throughout this topic everyone has been referring to the 4.8v with the exception of Paul. This has caused a lot of confusion as he appeared to be saying 6.0v could be used on 4.8v servos and had done it for years. Until I asked pointedly if he was saying a 6.0v power supply could be used on 4.8v rated servos. The answer. That's the beginning and end of the antagonism, I hope, as it all comes down to a simple misunderstanding. Interesting that, IMO, a simple misunderstanding has made a more informative topic in the long run. Steve
  15. We have agreement Paul accepts that 4.8v servos should not be used with a 5 cell NiMh battery pack. Kept me entertained for a couple of days. Steve
  16. I thought that was what they are.
  17. That's the reason for different voltage specifications, which you knew all along. Does this mean that your advice to use 5 cell NiMh packs for 4.8v servos should be followed? Steve
  18. That makes sense. Older version 4.8 as marked and newer version 6.0 as marked. Now why didn't I think of that? Steve
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