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BMFA 100 years....RCME mass build ?

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As it is now 60 years since the England team won the World RC stunt championship at Kenley aerodrome. How about making Chris Olsen's 'Uproar' one of the winning planes ?. This would be easy for me as I have the last Uproar he built. It has been in my loft with other unfinished planes Chris did not complete but would need some work and perhaps some 2.4 radio ?. I have kept the Uproar in my loft till such times I thought as my flying improves so that I would not damage the plane. However due to lack of practice my flying is now worse, but that said I have not written off an RC plane to date! 

11-05-2008 Bartons Point 002.jpg

11-05-2008 Bartons Point 009.jpg

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I do have Chris Olsen's plans including the original Uproar and revised modernised version. I can have them printed at my local shop.


The other flyer other than Harry Brooks was Frank Van Den Burg (spelling?) with his Sky Dancer which performed well but piled in right next to me. It was repaired over night by Frank I think? 

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On 02/02/2022 at 09:21, EarlyBird said:

BMFA Dart has been suggested, ideal for youngsters. I am wondering how to involve kids. Certainly they will be welcome on here building and flying these. Is this an idea that needs clubs to be involved?


How about some radio controlled Darts.... ?



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10 hours ago, kevin b said:

Looks like you could be busy Steve !

There are a few on there that caught my eye Peggy Sue 2 first but also Fred. Fred would be a good tribute scale build in memory of the designer who recently passed away.

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