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Slingsby Petrel 3.4 metre designed by Chris Williams

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Well done Peter.  Looks fantastic.  Hope the ribs etc are all sorted and you get out to fly it.  Cheers.  Mike


ps.  I’ll probably be starting mine soonish and will take all your tips on board 😀

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Well I have just returned from a more or less windless PSS weekend at the Orme.  I took the Petrel because I wanted to try it out in light winds, which we had in abundance - no good for PSS heavies but OK for the Petrel.


I arrived on Friday evening to Sun and about 8 to 10mph on the NW slope. I quickly assemble and Stevie chucked her off. She soared effortlessly as though on rails. She does dive a bit so I think I will remove 2 chunks of lead from the cockpit




I flew her for about an hour, so delightful was the experience. The wind dropped to about 6mph and she seemed to cope with it easily rising even in that wind. I also flew her the following morning on the North East Pier slope which was equally rewarding and idyllic. This one will be flown a lot. I must go, however to find some accomodation for the Shrelow Aerotow next weekend.

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On 28/05/2023 at 22:46, MikeQ said:

Hi Peter ... what two sizes of piano wire did you use on the AMT?





Sorry Mike, didn't see this. In answer to your question I went to my local engineering shop and bought some concentric sizes of tubing that all fit effectively inside each other. Unbeknown to me I bought mild steel, which I recently had to replace with piano wire and the sizes are 1/8" and 3/32, but you could use the metric equivalent of say 3mm and 2.5mm or 2mm I am sure.

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