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Best petrol engine for a Seagull Steen Skybolt


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On 07/04/2024 at 16:30, Cuban8 said:

Any glow fourstroke will be a lot less messy than a glow twostroke, just the nature of how they work and how the oil is used. Siting the exhaust in the best position to keep the residue away from the model is also important, so careful  planning during construction is to be considered.


Never a truer word.  An ASP 180FS that I had in a Miles Atwood Special left barely a trace of oil on the airframe - just a faint (and very scale looking) sooty mark near the exhaust outlet.  The same engine, running the same fuel, in a Seagull Yak 54 left the underside like the aftermath of the Torrey Canyon (younger members might prefer to relate to the Exxon Valdez).

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The majority of small petrol engines , 10 to 15 are JMO a waste of time. At 20cc they start to become useable but weight often make them a poor choice. The DLE 20 though is a good lively chiice although you still have to factor in the weight of a proper exhaust and  ignition system , battery etc. Most other designs dont come into their own until they exceed 30+ cc. And 50cc is where they really become a good alternative to glow....but a decent exhsust will often cost as much as the engine. The supplied exhaust deflectors as a waste of time and a cause of many site problems .

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Small petrols have their issues certainly, but I think calling them 'a waste of time' is a little harsh.


My Evo 10 for example pulls my W4, and previously P51 around really well, the weight penalty of the cdi and battery is negligible, it sips nice cheap fuel, and the exhaust residue is nice and easy to clean off.


All the petrols at our site, apart from New Kevs 60cc+, are noisy, and probably unsuitable for many sites. Unless you spend a fortune on a muffler that actually muffles...


DLE is most popular make, 20-30cc most favoured size.

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Plenty comments as usual, small petrols are rubbish, blah blah.

My NGH is 17cc, loadsa grunt, never failed, seems to be another user here.

They're noisey ? aye and the bigger 2 stroke glow are not ? Some 4 strokes fail the 82 db test.

For the record, again. Using I.C can bring noise issues, IF the user doesn't take steps to address it, it ain't a new thing.

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Given the brownie points I have earned ( still earning ) decorating .... and shelling out for one daughters wedding in June, I went on a bit of a spending spree. I bought 3 petrol engines as I have other models I can use them in as well. There will be choices.


All are 2 stroke petrol. ... a DLE 20cc RA petrol .... and two other Stinger 2 stroke petrol. One a 26cc RA and one 20cc twin cylinder petrol.


Some of the models are probably rated at 15cc but underpowered 20cc petrols should fopit the bill. They won't go wrong.


I did look at 4 strokes and will probably end up trying at least one but that's for later. As mentioned, my first allegiance is to electric for the time being until I get my head ( and flying experience ) around all things IC.


That's the update for now .... I dare say the selection won't suit all but they are all to a budget for now.



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Thanks for posting this up Paul.


A couple of questions because this is the first I have ever heard of this. .... so .....


What is the purpose of this ?

Does it have to be done ?

What happens if its not done ?

If its not necessary .... what's the benefits ?


These may seem like very naive questions but I have never heard of the term until now.


Thanks for your patience for my newbie questions.



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Toto, don't go there. Don't go and pull your brand new, factory set, equipment apart because of some random YT video. 99% of other gas modellers haven't done such extreme tests and adjustments either. 

I've got 3 gassers similar to yours, including stingers and a 21cc twin. All run like sewing machines and haven't been pulled apart.

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I did wonder as I hadn't ever heard it being mentioned before. Maybe its an " all the gear and no idea " moment.🙄 what do you think Paul  ..... Hmmmm


That'll do for me.


Anyway .... whilst I'm on .... Todays goodies ....


lets start with this .....




comes with destructions and a lovely wee sticker ( at least I'll know what to do with the sticker ).




Silencer ( ha ha ha ) and some tuby things ....




Electronic igntion system ... and stuff .....




and the main event ....




lovely ....




and another ....




another ....





and the last one for now ....




and then we move on to this sucker .....




with the usual destructions and a warranty card ....




and then .... silencer  muffler thingies ....








electronic ignition system and other stuff .....




spark plugs and doobries  .... 




and that leads us on to the main event ....




thing of beauty .....




another shot .....




and another ......




and the last one .....




into storage for now .....


The decorating paid off. I wonder if she wants the hall  staircase done. .... Thats bound to be worth something.


cheers for now





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Hi Grumpy,


The post from Paul, whilst interesting and informative, won't be happening. I sort of wondered when I read it whether it was necessary or not. Maybe it offers that last 5% efficiency if you want perfection but it sounds like .... in the main ..... its not necessary for me to get things operating on a reasonably considtant .... and acceptable level. 


I feel its just adding another layer of complexity that would set me back yet another step.


I have a great mentor who I believe can coach me along a bit at a time on the IC front. All in good time.


Thanks for your post as always



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Hi John,


If it were a chocolate shop ...... it would translate into yorkies bars, Mars bars, cream eggs and any other yummy stuff of your choice, :classic_laugh:


Most way ahead of time but that's the way I like to go. It's there and ready to be called up when needed. 


Hmmmmm ...... I don't believe I have any bounty bars or ..... fry's chocolate creams as yet ....... I'LL need to work on that. :classic_laugh:



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i have the DLE 20 ra on my skybolt. there's a review in august nr 2016. you have to shorten the motormount. mine is still flying(with a few crashes, motor off means straight down... with a biplane). your cowl will fit perfectly, i think its a about 3cm you have to cut off. otherwise the cowl wont fit.


greetings Paul




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The benefits of regulating the carburettor are easier starting and a more consistent idle.


 You don't have to do it,.


 Nice toys, get them on the bench and see how you get on, but firstly, take a photo of the needle valve positions so that you know where the factory set them before you fiddle with them, they are VERY sensitive.

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Nooooooooo. Toto has already had bad experiences with ic - the last thing he needs us to bolt his unfamiliar engine to a bench, and 'see how he gets on'. He has no real experience of starting, running in, or adjusting such an engine. And, in fact, is a way off being able to fly the model in question.


His highest chance of avoiding more disappointment (when toto can fly such a model safely) has to be to mount it into his model, take it to the flying field, get his petrol-experienced chum to check it out, then work together to start it, run it in, and make any adjustments.


Hopefully, it's staying in its box for a while.


Other opinions are, obviously, available.

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Thanks Paul ( Geelhoed ) 


For the info on the engine mount. It could save a lot of faffing around when the time comes. How much of the cowl needs to be cut away to facilitate the engine ?





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