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Peterf's 1/4 scale Falcon Models Tiger Moth

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Hi Gents, thank you all for your replies and kind offers. Looking at it again last night I think I may well just splice in some oleo's into the existing fixed U/C, fixing the from strut supports to the outside sleeve of the oleo and figuring out some additional strut cross bracing too. But who know's, perhaps by that time a 1/4 UC kit will come back onto the market.

That said, does anyone still have the email address of the last Falcon Models owner (Chris)? Might be worth a shot to see if he's got anything stashed somewhere.

thanks all,


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I have completed a lot of work since the last update, the fuselage is covered in natural Solartex and some of the scale details have been added. The covering needed some thought and planning to get it on. Firstly, I stripped down the fuselage, cleaned up the bloom of rust on the metal fittings and varnished these. I started with covering the turtle decks. The next issue was the side covering, because the metal fittings for the cabane struts needed to be on the outside, but I had to put the cabane wires back in before the side covering was on. I sorted this by attaching the side covering at the top and leaving it to hang free like curtains. I then refitted the cabane wires and the strut plates and then fastened the side covering down. Before I dismantled the plane, I measured the locations where the elevator control wires passed through the covering so that I could make holes in the right place to pass them through. Because I already had the shackles fastened on the ends of the wires, I had to detach them from the clevises on the servo control arms, pass them through from outsideto inside and then refit them to the clevises. Pain in the bottom, but it has worked out OK. I have added all the pinked tapes to the fuselage and added the oil tank and some scale detail below the cockpit. I have also added the inspection rings and patches on the tailplane, elevator , fin and rudder. My wife does card making and has a device called scan N cut, which is a small CNC scanner and cutter that will cut card, paper, vinyl etc. so I drew up some rings and cut them from card to make the inspection rings.

Covering turtle decksdsc05648.jpg

Covering started on fuselage sidesdsc05652.jpg

Covering completed on fuselage sidesdsc05654.jpg

Covering completed on fuselage bottomdsc05656.jpg

Pinked tapes on fuselagedsc05660.jpg

Oil tankdsc05662.jpg

Fin and rudder completed with inspection patchesdsc05666.jpg

Tailplane and elevator completed with inspection patchesdsc05668.jpg

Hatches and other details on underside of cockpitdsc05808.jpg

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You could try Concept Scale ,now in Germany, for U/C or plans. They do 3 sizes of Tiggie I think.I got plans for my kit 72" , originals were missing, from them.I think next size is 88" Maybe Classic Scale but Toni Clark anyway. This may help.-----------------https://toni-clark-shop.com/DH82A-TIGER-MOTH-kit-30-scale

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The weather has not been conducive to flying over the past few days, neither has it been conducive to working in the workshop either. I have started to paint the fuselage, cowls and undercarriage, but with the freezing temperatures that has stopped temporarily. I have started covering the wings, having transferred the components into the kitchen and put the table to some proper use. Luckily I bought a full 10m roll of natural Solartex a few weeks ago. The paint I am using is Solarlac, I did this as I was originally going to buy red, black and silver Solartex and then I would need matching colours. In the end I bought natural Solartex, but did not think to then change to a non solvent based paint. However, at least Solarlac still sets in low temperatures.





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Hi Peter, weather here in the Uk has not been ideal for making paint cure properly has it?. I have been reading your posts regarding your ailerons and I think what you have done not only looks great but works too. The central hub that you have used is geared and i understand you were going down a belt driven route, but your fixed wires are much better. However, what is that central hub from, ie where can i source a pair here in the UK.

One other question, epoxy board, where can i get some from, my local model shop drew a blank.

Many thank

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Missed your post having been away a few days. The hubs I used for the ailerons were originally grooved pulleys for small drive belts, but when I decided to go with the wires rather than belts I put the pulleys in my lathe and machined them smooth. I also did this because once I got the system working, the pulleys were a little too large diameter and I did not get enough throw on the ailerons, so by machining them down I got more rotation for the same linear movement in the control wires. A couple of photos show the pulleys before being machined.



I do not have any of the after machining and I have just covered the wings so no joy getting one now. However, if you go to Manish's build log on RC India, I made up the same set for him and he has a nice photo in post No 293, see link (Manish's Moth Build) or possibly the photo itself (Manish's aileron drive)

I am UK based and I tend to use ebay for all my odds and ends, the pulleys used for the aileron drive were the same model as these, (Belt drive pulley). Epoxy board is often called G10 board, here is one ebay item but there are many to be found (Epoxy glass board).



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