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I for one have had no serious problem with the HK products.

I have often thought that some of the detractors were knockers who were competitors. In some cases UK based companies who resented that the way that HK traded, in that they did not pile up the VAT as goods they passed through a myriad of hands to the consumer. Some might be idealogist who believe it is every citizens duty to pay the maximum tax. They were always reminded that it is the tax payers right to legally minimise their tax.

My issues increasingly is the very poor web site. Have all the best programmers left Hong Kong to more certain futures in the west? The UK has many very capable companies who do the sort of thing that HK needs. as fat north as Dundee and London has its own Island. It could be that the executive of HK will have to of shore their IT. Recognizing that Honk Kong is a very good location for the hub of a global business (at least at the moment).

The reality is that all significant manufacturing capacity and capability is located in Southern Asia. Honk Kong appears to be the place to be, to take advantage of the physical aspects of trading.

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Erf, greetings. I might disagree somewhat with your worldview.

All citizens pay tax, not to the maximum, but to their due. If you don't play your club fees, not a member. My view is, thieves, backed up by accountants, pass on their dues to others. A fine state, until the others, fed up, they come with their sharpened pitchforks, and take your stuff away.

I am not defending HobbyKing tax position, they are also due tax, to their due.

That is the job of a fair government, sort that problem out. The profit makers should think it's worth the effort. No one starves, or tops themselves in despair. Between those points, they arbitrate

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One persons due is generally the thought that some one else should pay more tax. I pay what I am legally obliged to. The business headline yesterday was a reflection how many will arrange their affairs, in the reported piece by having removed billions from UK jurisdiction, these sums have now returned apparently, as the threats to further tax or restrict the movement of capital is no longer seen as a significant risk. If the tax reaches some point, many will stop investing, stop doing many things, on the basis it is not worth the risk/reward, or perhaps even saving and so on.

Just because some one thinks thinks that others should pay more tax, does not make that scenario fair.

It is not criminal for accountants to ensure that only that tax which is legally payable, is paid. What is criminal is not paying to acquire assets, by quasi laws, without due payment. It is also immoral to threaten those who prepare to arrange their affairs to obtain legal protection via International Laws. Now that is what I call unfair and most probably criminal. Of course no one would suggest that would they,or see the scenario as being fair.

In short one persons fair is not universally seen as such.

There has been much rubbish written, probably by the model trade because of their multi step trading arrangements, where additional VAT is added at each stage. Stripping out these additional elements (as unnecessary) is not appreciated by some.


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I have pretty much assembled the frame work.

I have had and still have problems. Although many of these laser devices are the came, at first viewing, closer inspection tells you otherwise. I have not found a video which is for the same kit.

The following are pictures of what I have. then I will outline my issues.


the kit as it comes


The main beams. This is the first deviation from the online videos, most do not have these tapped holes for attaching the feet.


This picture shows the main components used to fasten the frame together. On the right are the corner brackets which do the fastening of one side piece to the other.


The side pieces to the moving bits.


This is issue number one. The laser head and the traversing head. The problem for me there is no obvious way of fastening the pieces together which will allow any adjustment. I have put screws in all of the tapped holes in the laser head, there appears to be no corresponding holes in the traversing head.



This electronic component is shown fastened to one of the side beams in the Banggood advert. This does not seem very good practice with all the components exposed and also there is little protection for the underside of the board to the frame.


These are the screws which do not seem to have a home. Are they really spare?

Can this post be REMOVED as it is posted in the wrong PLACE

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I’ve used AliExpress quite a few times with continued success

Peak Model Store for carb and engine bits, Dongguan Chang'an Hobby Store does a good range of carbon fibre undercarriages. Not been caught yet for customs charges and fees.

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HK website I find is a disaster compared to the original, the search engine functions -sort of - but when you find something you are interested in - batteries for instance - and you wish to go back to that item, the back button takes you right back to the first page not the one you wanted more info on, it's become so frustrating I often don't bother but go to another online store - my location requires this - and pay extra for the items, really gone down hill, like a lot of other things it got too big too fast and now can't handle it all....

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Just read this entire thread, it's embarrassing to see an Australian company run so bad, even more so because I'm from the same part of Sydney as Anthony Hand.

It is agreed by my club mates and I, the web site changes over the last 5 years are atrocious, almost impossible to search for what I want -- type in 9g servo, and you get everything that has a 9g servo in it as well as every spare part for the craft with 9g servos in them.

I don't bother to look at their site unless I know what I want, but, 9 times out of 10 they are out of stock and I end up on Banggood or some other mail order supplier, better supply lines. Even ebay sellers are better supplied than HK.



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The sites appear on AliExpress when you type into the search engine and then click on a product.

Its a bit confusing at first. If you try and type in carbon fibre landing gear, a lot of other items appear. There is a category menu on the left with drop down boxes.

I will try and set up some pictures. It’s also FIBER not fibre...it’s Americanised English on the site

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